Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am officially a moron. I left for Wellington in New Zealand on Sunday and when I packed my stuff I was slightly hung over and some how left behind most of the clothes I intended to pack. I had put them aside in the 'things I have to iron before I pack them when I can be fucked' pile and I failed to iron or pack them. So this means I have 2 tops to wear for 5 days of work. I wore one of these tops on the plane and spilt food on it.

So I went on a desperate clothes search yesterday but I really couldn't find much. It is hard enough to find clothes in Melbourne when you are fat let alone in bloody Wellington. I went to Farmers and bought a dress that I don't totally hate and can't afford. So I guess I'll wash my other top and that gives me 3 days clothes and I will just rinse and repeat.

I have been struggling enough as it is lately to find clothes to wear to work so you would think I would be more careful. Clothes drama aside, Wellington is a really lovely city and I just wish I had more time to enjoy the sights. Next time...


  1. Argh, sound slike a bit of a nightmare, at least it is only a short trip?

  2. Wellington is lovely, but not what one might call a shopping hot spot. Lol!
    Hope you find something fabulous, cheap and so flattering you feel like a million dollars in it.

  3. Buggary Bollocks!!!

    You could try the Warehouse, they have cheapish/funky clothes and their Kate Maddison range goes up to a size 26. And they are open til 8pm (or 9pm?) each night. I'm not sure if there's still a warehouse in Wellington CBD though. Good luck!

  4. Bummer about the clothes thing... I hate packing to go away... Always manage to forget something..

  5. Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck! That is horrible...I totally sympathize with the shopping issue!! Dont you just hate when you do things like this....argh.

  6. Hi Tully!
    Thanks for the pat in the back!
    Sorry about your clothes! Someone stole my underwear from my suitcase once! (Who the hell would want enormous panties I wonder). It was a pain to find some in the non chub-friendly country I was in, not to mention embarrassing.

    Rock that dress!!

  7. I hate shopping at the best of times, worse in a different city and when you are desparate to find something!

    I love Wellington!

  8. Oh no! You poor darling! :(


  9. That sucks. I am trying to find a wedding outfit at the moment... well ANOTHER ONE... and it is near impossible with BOOBS!!!

  10. I hate packing, I always seem to get it wrong. Too much - not enough, forgot to pack a jumper...

    Farmers though, that is a blast from the past, I think I am overdue a visit back to NZ.

  11. Oh Bugger. Good luck with the wash n repeat. Hopefully Janene's suggestion helps!

  12. You funny girl!. This post reminds me of years ago when I went on a 'hens weekend' to the Hunter Valley and, for some odd reason, packed only one change of clothing, a second shirt to compliment my sarong skirt, for the whole weekend. I felt like such a fucking fool when everyone had a different change of clothes for each change of wind direction. Oh well, you live and learn!.
    Take care and thanks for following me to my new blog.
    Nicky E. aka the old bride

  13. I forgot to say 'I am with ya sista' in regards to a post some time ago.
    I too studied a Masters of Womens Studies, in Sydney, but dropped out to pursue another Masters more relevant to my career interests (criminology). So you can dance you favorite feminist discourse with me anyday sunshine, I will know the song you are singing!.
    Take care. Nicky.

  14. not good - hope you're getting thru ok.

  15. Boo hiss that sucks. I know the feeling, trying to find clothes that fit my boobs is impossible. I manage though, just takes a whole lot of time and patience.

    Hope it all works out ok!

  16. Hi there,

    It was lovely to meet you this morning. I'd love to do it again some time! Come visit me at my blog- I'm about to go "un-private".. haha



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