Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hot Date!

I have a hot Saturday night date with... myself!

I haven't had a Saturday night to myself in months and I won't have another for many more months. So I made a commitment to stay at home all weekend and just have some much needed time to myself. Lucky for me, the weather is unexpectedly cold and stormy and just perfect for a quiet weekend at home.

Here is my plan for the evening:

1. Soak my body in a steaming hot bubble bath and read a trashy book
2. Exfoliate my entire body (prep for fake tan tomorrow)
3. Wash my hair
4. Wax my hairy legs
5. Pluck eyebrows
6. Pore minimising face mask
7. Pedicure and polish with gorgeous new pale pink OPI nail polish (gift from mum)
8. Moisturise my entire body with delicious Victoria's Secret appletini body drink (gift from my brother's girlfriend)
9. Snuggle up in bed with a DVD of The Big Chill
10. Feel beautiful and relaxed

P.S. Yes, this post is meant to distract you from the post below. Thanks for the kind comments and for not telling me I am crazy to go on a liquid diet.


  1. oooh my favourite date is always with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    enjoy babygirl xxx

  2. I love home dates with myself, the luxury and pampering! I hope you find solace in your journey to be's a hard road filled with turns, twists and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I am enjoying your blog!

  3. You picked the perfect weekend alright! Enjoy.

  4. i haven't had a whole weekend to myself in.... well, since before i got married. enjoy, sistah!

  5. Sounds really good! You deserve it too!

  6. Hope you had a wonderful date! As for the previous post ... I am right there with you ... you have no idea! Tomorrow I start a plan with Precision Nutrition for eating and fitness ... it is time ... somedays I feel like I am on the verge of losing control with this weight stuff!

    And totally off topic ... any chance you got your dress for the Melbourne Cup from a company that does online stuff? I would love to get a dress just like that!

  7. Oh that sounds divine... my other half is away this coming weekend and I think I may just do the same ;-).

    And good on you for making a decision and going back onto Optifast. You know it works - and if it breaks the food obsession that can only be a good thing.

    I had a go at juice fasting a while ago and the relief of not having to plan meals was enormous.

  8. Aww that sounded devine!! How did it go??
    As for the post below .... I am in the same boat at the moment :( I wish you lived closer so we could kick each other's arses!!!
    I even tried to scam a way to get to Bendigo NYE party to meet you and the wonderful Beck .... unfortunately it can't happen :(

  9. Oh how indulgent - hope you enjoyed it!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!