Thursday, April 16, 2009

30 Before 30

I turn 30 on December 23 2010 and so I have made a list of the 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. They are mostly incredibly shallow and maybe I have been watching too much Sex and the City, but it seems like fun anyway.

This is just about pushing myself to spend the time and money on myself to do all those little things I have always wanted to do and to be the person I thought I would be by the time I am 30!

I would love to know what is on your list as I might just add to mine as the next year and a half goes along.

1. Be happy with my body
2. Get a job I love
3. Live all by myself
4. Get my drivers licence
5. Write a short story
6. Drink a bottle of Moet & Chandon
7. Travel to New York
8. Ride in a limousine
9. Take a pilates class
10. Get a Brazilian wax
11. Pay off my credit card debt
12. Go to an amusement park and ride a rollercoaster
13. Go skinny dipping
14. Spend over $500 on a must have piece of clothing or accessory
15. Wear high heels (successfully)
16. Spend an indulgent weekend at Balgownie Estate in the Yarra Valley
17. Get a radically different hairstyle
18. Buy designer sunglasses
19. Get a spray tan
20. Host a dinner party
21. Learn to ski
22. Give myself an orgasm
23. Buy myself an exquisite piece of jewellery
24. Eat the degustation menu at Vue de Monde
25. Buy salon hair products
26. Spend a day at a spa and wax, cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise and polish every inch of my body
27. Splurge on a concert ticket to a singer/band I really like
28. Buy La Mer face cream
29. Run The Tan
30. Take a class in something new and interesting (ie. cooking, dancing, language)


  1. I'm de-lurking to say i'm excited for the things you're going to experience, you deserve them!! I think i'm going to make a list of my own...I turn 25 in 2010, and there's still loads I want to do! best of luck!! xxx

  2. Your #22... girl! Never?

    Do that one first. I used to have a "Rampant Rabbit" - can't google it from work - and fully recommend it.

    The rest (with the exception of self image and a new job) sound like a lot of fun and very doable before Dec 2010.

    Best of luck and let us know when you tick things off the list!

  3. Lots of great things on your list Tully. I'd be happy to help you complete no. 6 just to name a few :) My friends did no.24 and loved it.

  4. Great list, and definitely doable. Two a month to be sure of getting them done. Which 2 are first?

  5. I'm with commenter 2 - how can number 22 be on there, get to it girl!

    I say you should get yourself on a plane to Perth, and we'll knock off 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 19 and 30 all in the one weekend :)

  6. What a fantastic idea and a great list - I love it. So much fun in store for you lady.

    Shame I don't have any big birthdays coming up, perhaps I should just make a list for the hell of it, might have to steal a few of your ideas ;-)

  7. I LOVE your list! :) And I would LOVE to go to NYC with you if you want a travel buddy? Just the other day I was trying to convince Miles to come with me to the US but he's not convinced :(


  8. I nearly choked on #22... FFS Girl... what are you waiting for???
    The rest i was thinking..oh yeah...yes... umm oh yeah.. fair enough.. but #22... not time to lose there girl.. time to go shopping and then work on that one... You will wonder why you waited so long to do it...

  9. Hi.
    I slinked in here via Kittys blog.
    I love love love yr list.
    It is very doable.
    Get to it girl, and keep us posted. Start with #22 and put us out of our misery.

  10. I absolutely love your list. I share a lot of the same things that I want to get done, but I need to make a 35 before 35 list as I'm already 33! This gives me a fun little project to work on! :)

    Thanks for sharing! New York is one of the best places on earth. I went there last year, and loved it so much, I went twice!! :)


  11. *picks up jaw from the floor*

    Seriously, #22?? Really? I'm confused... I thought most people discovered that in their teens.

    Get to it girl!!! hehe

  12. I'm with most of the others... WTF? You have NOT DONE #22!!!!!
    The rest of your list is easy mate.... but ... you ain't done #22!!!! *shaking head*..... and laughing too.

  13. I love your list Tully! What a great idea.

    Many are the same that I would include on my list....if I did one that is!

    Can I do a "Before 35" list maybe?

    Your photos of Darwin are beautiful. Glad you had a wonderful time.


  14. I laughed out loud at #22. I think it's a great list. It should be self indulgent because it's a list about you and what you want. I hate it when people put fake shit in their lists like "I want to spend a week rolling bandages for refugees." No you don't. I mean who really wants to do that??

    I think you should do a follow up every few months or so, let us know what has been checked off. :)

  15. I just found your blog! I love what you have to say. I have been looking back at the last couple of months of posts, and I really relate to what you have to say... Amazing! I am so glad I found it.

    The other thing... I know that there was a bit of shock over #22- I can say that I understand why- there is so much stigma associate with it in the first place... then people's body issues get in the way. I am not saying that either of those are why you haven't (obviously everyone has their own reasons), but it may not be as rare as it seems. I know that even though I have given myself an orgasm... I don't always feel in touch with my sexuality and needs when I am feeling the worst of my body image issues. Like a switch flips off and I am disonnected from any pleasure.

    I hope you work on that one as soon as possible! It is pretty powerful to give yourself sexual satisfaction!

    Great list!

  16. Oh my gosh. i just love this list- you've inspired me to make one too!!!
    i'd love to have a link on your site... i'm just starting my weight lose blog and i need some motivation from others.

  17. I turn 30 in July of this year, and absolutely love this list! Fantastic :)

  18. Really good list Tully!! Looks like you've got a few volunteers to help you out. Which ones are you going to start with???


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