Monday, August 17, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

That is how I feel right now. Just blah.

I feel like I have nothing to say about anything. My life revolves around going to work and going to the gym right now. I am trying to eat healthy and save money. There is nothing interesting about any of that.

I just feel like staying in bed and being left alone at the moment. Going to work has been a mammoth effort, if I had any sick days left right now I would be taking them.

I am not really feeling down, just uninspired.

Maybe it is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

I need to get out of this slump and stop being so miserable.

Life's really not that bad.


  1. I think we all have days/weeks like that. I hope you start feeling better soon!

    You're right though - saving money isn't much fun. I feel like we've been doing that for all 22 years of our marriage!

  2. I've been like that lately too but Spring is coming and we'll have the longer days and warmer weather soon.

    Got out of the house tonight and went to the movies (saw Coraline which is awesome) and that seem to help to have that break from routine.

  3. I feel ya Sister! Feel the same way. Money worries as well.

    Here's to both of us feeling better!

  4. (((hugs)))

    Sometimes it is like that. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Hope you get out of this slump. I can totally relate. I have those days too and I've learned that those are the most crucial times to stick to the plan - when it makes the most difference. You're doing all the right things - try to get out - that always helps me.

  6. I meant to say - get out of the house - not as in "just get out" of the slump. LOL - as IF it was that easy! :)

  7. *sigh* .. know the feeling. Luckily is does not last.
    Or we would all be in trouble.

  8. *hugs* Know how you feel, it's hard when stuff like work becomes a huge effort. I remember a time last year when I didn't even bother setting an alarm in the mornings anymore - that's how uninspired I was!!

    Uninspiring days and weeks don't last though. Maybe you just need to try a few new things, like put up some nice photos or inspiring quotes on your walls at work, or try some new stuff at the gym? I also try to plan little things to look forward to to break the routine up - a trip to the library, for example, where I can load up on free books and DVDs! That's great for the budget too :)

    Hope you start feeling inspired again soon x

  9. Best news tonight - Bunnings you can get your keys cut - the silver option anyway for 99c each! I know it has nothing to do with sadness you have right now - but it is a cheap deal! Also Coles have butterbeans. lentils, chickpeas and red kidney beans for 70c instead of 1.41 for some reason in cans....stock up on the slow cooker beans for the rest of the winter! :) chin up sweety -


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