Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Food Hang Over

Why is it that when your eating goes bad, all aspects of your life tend to unravel? I have been eating terribly for the last 3 days and somehow in those 3 days, I have also spent more money than I have in months. I am scared to get on the scales and I'm scared to check my bank balance right now! I did none of the things I had planned to get done over the weekend and my life feels disorganised and cluttered at the moment.

I also feel exhausted because my sleeping has been terrible and I am lethargic and completely unmotivated to do anything. I feel puffy and greasy and it makes me wonder if this is how I used to feel all the time and I just didn’t realise it. No wonder being fat is so freaking hard. I am drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit today and heading to the gym tonight to shake off this revolting food hang over.

Up until the last few days, I hadn’t really tested the lap band to see if it had much restriction, turns out it doesn’t! I have been relying on will power for the past few months, but that all came crashing down around me over the weekend, like it always does eventually. So I obviously need to get some more fill put into the band and try to get this thing working.

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On another note, where have all my favourite bloggers gone? There are so many bloggers M.I.A. at the moment and I miss you! Please come back and let us know how you’re going. Don’t make me start naming names… ;-)


  1. dont look at me!!!!! hope things are improving love.

  2. Have fun at the gym and it will help...it always seems to help me and reminds you you gotta do it!!

  3. Food hang overs SUCK! You're right, will power is not the way to go. You will be hanging on just by the skin of your teeth.

    I know nothing about the band, but you know your own body. You know what to do.

    Working out will help you to feel better, along with all that water and fruit.

  4. Sounds like you're going through a lot of stress. Get on the scale and check your bank balance. Then they'll no longer be hanging over your head, you'll know the worst, and you can start to improve things (like your sleep!) I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Sounds like you're going through a rough patch right now - and it might be more the fact things are happening around you and you're losing motivation and concentration of the big picture - losing weight.
    Big breathe darl! Nothing is unfixable. Check the balance (eyes tightly closes and just a peep), do as you said, stick to a light diet in a few days and maybe.. just maybe.. you can get back on track again.

  6. Feel better soon! Bad days happen you won't unravel everything after one day!!!! I think a lot of people are on vacation...

  7. Pfffft... I am always here! Blogging away religiously!
    I hope when you get your fill you feel a bit better able to resist the binges!

  8. I hope you get back to the Doc soon!

    I can hardly talk - I have had the band since Jan 2008 - Only ever had 3mls put into my 15ml band! and never saw the doc again after May 2008.

    I sometimes have restriction - I sometimes don't - then sometimes when I was in Melbourne, I had 3 chicken nuggets from KFC and couldn't keep them down, then went to Chappel Street and had pasta - no problems.

    Its so different for everyone! I hope you get restriction soon!

  9. Getting back on track starts with you being aware! I swear we must be twins separated at birth, it's uncanny how i can relate to so much of what you say but I guess i'm not alone there! Hang in there, things will get easier, simply because you deserve better.

  10. It is often an all or nothing mentality with weight loss. When we're good, we're very good and when we're bad ....

    Hope you get over your food hangover soon and that your bank balance is in the black.

  11. Ooooh you sound blue. Hang in there girlfriend.

    I know nothing about banding, but it's got to work. Like someone else said - maybe it is what you are eating that slips down easy...

    I'm still blogging, but it's boring stuff about nearly being a mommy. Just over 2 weeks to my due date - squeeee!


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