Saturday, August 08, 2009

I kneed advice*

When I got off my flight back from the UK a couple of weeks ago I had quite severe pain in my knee, presumably from not moving for 24 hours and sitting awkwardly in that small space. The pain has been persistent and when I googled "knee pain in flight" it became apparent I was GOING TO DIE. So when I went to the doctor to get some scripts re-filled I mentioned it and he diagnosed me with bursitis of the knee. It isn't serious, just annoying more than anything, mostly because it is getting difficult to exercise.

I am lucky enough to have never had knee problems and I really don't want to start now. I have been plagued with foot/heel problems (mostly because of my weight) and it really gets in the way. Despite my sore knee, I have been going to the gym 5 times a week and this really hasn't been helping. The doctor told me not to go to the gym for a week, but of course I smiled and said yes, then walked directly into the gym. The idea of not going to the gym actually scares me. I know that seems crazy because I have only been back at the gym for a couple of months and prior to that it had been years since I stepped inside a gym. I just know how easy it is for that switch to flick in me and never to go back- it has happened to at least 3 other gym memberships I have purchased in my time.

Since I have continued going to the gym I have managed to strain my hamstring and back on the same side as my sore knee because I have been moving awkwardly in order to protect my knee. So I have finally given in and realised that I need to have a break from exercise. I am sure there are lots of things I can still do that won't put strain on my knee and hamstring, but I haven't really thought of anything yet. Anyone got any ideas? Boxing? Swimming?

* I am sorry for that bad pun, but you know how hard it is to come up with titles.


  1. In the gYm there are lots of things you can do without using your knee. LOts of machines there will work your torso, triceps, biceps, obliques, lateral obliques (abdomen muscles), back.

    Go an ask some one there for help. Most of these machines will allow you to sit down and dont use your knees.

    As for swimming. I swim 3 times a week at least. All done without moving my legs at all. I do so on purpose because my leg muscles are big and strong enough as it is. It trains my shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, and gut.

    If you just keep to it for a month or so, it should give your knee enough rest. The advantage is, it will keep you going to the gym, so you don't lose touch with that routine.

    My gym has a wimming pool too, so I can do all in one place.

    Hope this helps. Hugs,


  2. Swimming is fantastic. I have knee and ankle problems and if I can't do the machines because of my pain level, I head straight for the pool. I can still get my heart rate up without further damaging my joints.

  3. If you can swim, swimming is great. Also, what Pandora Woman mentioned about the abdominal and upper body weights is a great idea - use machines rather than free weights as they are more likely to hold you in correct form and if you are seated, will take all of the pressure off your knee.

  4. Have you seen this?

    Right down the bottom they suggest swimming, cycling and water running. I imagine water aerobics would also be ok.

    Is there someone at your gym you could ask?

  5. Ouch! I totally understand your fear, that is how I feel too.

    I would go swimming and do some gentle recumbent bike work and use the weights machines until your knee is better. A week or two should do it. Plus I would wear a support bandage for generally moving around.

    Hope it gets better soon (and your ability to pun, lol)!

  6. i'm not qualified to say what you should do, but i think swimming is pretty good for injuries babe.

    ask at your gym! they are supposed to have certificates in this stuff they should be able to tell you for sure.


  7. Ask at the gym but also check with your doctor. Swimming etc might be good but you need to be sure you won't be causing any further problems.

  8. Hey gorgeous! From someone who's had knee problems (including Bursitis) for the last five years I can very much relate!!

    Things I do:
    Swim with a float held between my knees - so just with upper body. It's the BEST workout

    Boxing, even stuff on your own like doing a pretend speed ball above your head for 10 minutes, it's awesome!

    Upper body cardio like the arm-cycling machine.

    Gentle walking, try upping the incline on the treadmill instead of increasing the speed.

    Lots of weights and abs!

    My knee has good months and bad months. Sometimes I can run on it, sometimes I can't even bend down to pick something up. I avoid the rowing machine at all costs, that seems to be the worst for it.

    If it's any consolation, when I weigh less it bothers me less, so hopefully it will ease up as time goes on :)

  9. definitely water activities and since it is soon spring then that is just perfect!!!

  10. I hear ya! I recently did my knee skiing (medial collateral ligament) and was on crutches for 8 weeks and I just had to flew from Dubai to Sydney and return with a it and it was HELL!

    My specialist and physio have both said that swimming is the best (particularly wading/walking through the water and swimming on my back (and kicking)).

    If not, then doing some weights and low impact light cycling can help too.

  11. sorry to hear this! Check with your doctor as to what exercise you can do first, then check with your gym. Anything that is not weight bearing as the others have said - upper body weights, crunches. I'd check with your doctor about swimming or walking in water first - you may need to have an initial rest period so as to not agravate it more. As it heals, these are probably great forms of exercise. Check about cycling too :0)


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