Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lap Band- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (& The Awesome)

- I no longer binge eat
- I am less dependent on food
- I now choose quality foods over quantity
- Feeling full after eating a quarter of what I used to
- Wanting to chow down on a big burger but not being able to

- The length of time before I had any restriction (will power is not my strong suit)
- Realising this is harder than I thought it was going to be
- Being worried I am going to get food stuck in public
- Hiding the surgery from most friends/family/colleagues
- Wanting to chow down on a big burger but not being able to

- Getting food stuck in the band (scary)
- Gas shoulder pain after surgery
- Pre and Post surgery diet
- Constipation
- Hair loss

- I have lost over 20 kilos!!!


  1. 20kgs lost is awesome all right! Well done girl :)

  2. I know what you mean. Had lap band done a month ago. The gas was truly the worse!

  3. I'm loving the good & the awesome. Can understand the bad but worried about the ugly. Is the hair loss normal?

  4. Awesome work!!!! 20Kgs lost is fantastic effort. Well Done!!!!!! :0) !!!!!

  5. Bugger me, 20 kilos? *Claps* Good GIRL!

  6. What an inspiring post! Even without the weight loss (which is totally amazing - you must feel great!), the 'good' stuff seems like it would make it all worthwhile. (But then, i haven't had to suffer the hair loss, gas pain or optifast yet... eeek, I'm scared!)

    Thank you again for being so lovely :)


  7. Congratulations on 20kg mark! That's awesome!

    I really hope you are lapping up each milestone and celebrating it in some little way (pedicure and new CD etc).

    As Cinders said - is the hair loss normal?

  8. Huge congrat's on reaching 20kg!

    I've heard of people hair loss on low calorie diets, which Im assuming is why you are experiencing it? Have you tried Blackmore Hair, Nails and Skin tablets? I think that's what they are called. Can you still swallow tablets?


  9. What can I say, I am so proud of you. You choose aroad I was too chicken to choose, still am when I read "the bad".

    But 20 kilo's is AWESOME!!!

    Good on you, Missy Miss!!!!

  10. I'm so glad you're seeing good results!

    I've heard that people get hair loss from this sometimes (not that it would matter to me I suppose as I wear a wig anyhow). If you can;t take tablets whole you could try crushing them up, or if it's a widespread problem there might be some dietary ideas within the lapband community that will help you get the nutrients you need.

  11. Sure is the awesome! You are awesome, well done.

  12. Well done! What an amazing milestone! Congratulations!

    Remember I'm here if you ever want a trainer!


  13. You're doing so well!
    I've been reading your blog for a while without posting a lot, but I was just awarded the Honest Scrap award by one of my fellow bloggers in the UK and wanted to pass it on to you. I know it can't have been easy for you to talk about regaining the weight and the struggle you had to get back on track, not to mention the thoughts and feelings that led you to go for the op, and I admire you for doing it anyway - a lot of people would just have quietly slipped off to avoid talking about it, and you didn't.
    That alone is inspiring, and your weightloss progress is too!
    Please stop by my blog to pick up the award picture.

  14. 20kgs is brilliant! Concentrate on the good and enjoy that lovely warm feeling when fellow dieters agree that your loss is inspiring!

    The ugly sounds nasty but is it possible that you are not getting the nutrients you need? Either way, I expect your body will stabilise over time as weight loss can confuse and shock your body a bit! I think everyone appreciates your honesty about the bad and the ugly.


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