Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September Weigh In

I had my monthly weigh in this morning and I am now 109.8 kilos, which means I lost 4.7 kilos last month. Sounds good when you put it like that, so why was I disappointed?

I haven't been weighing myself at home, but when I see my doctor at the clinic they always weigh me, so I had an inkling of how things were going. Two weeks ago I was weighed at the clinic and I was actually 200 grams less than this morning- and the scales at the clinic weigh heavier than mine and I had a full stomach. So I was kind of hoping for a good number this morning and wasn't expecting to gain since that weigh in at the clinic.

I know there are about a million reasons for a gain, maybe it was because I have been working out so much, maybe I was bloated, maybe I am not eating enough... blah blah blah. Oh well, it sucks, but I am going to keep doing what I am doing because I know I am doing the very best I can. Plus, let's face it, 4.7 kilos is an awesome loss in a month and I can't really be disappointed with that.

I'll still keep away from the scales this month, mostly because I am still not interested in seeing any of the numbers the scale has to offer right now. I have seen the same numbers go up and down for the past 10 years and I am well and truly sick of them. Until I start seeing some virgin numbers, I'll get no joy from the scale!


  1. Please don't let any of the numbers get you down. You are doing a great job with focusing on eating healthy and being happy where you are!!

    And that weight loss is wonderful!

  2. Of course you can't let yourself get bummed down by a 4,7 kg loss!! That's awesome! Think of the long term and don't let the numbers make you go crazy! Good job Tully! :-D

  3. you are doing fantastically well.



  4. Tully, as I told you, you're shrinking. (yeah, great, well done - haha).

  5. GOOD GIRL! Come on, be proud of your achievements. I shall have a drink for you shortly. xx


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