Sunday, September 06, 2009

More Humiliation

Yesterday I thought I would get up early and go for a walk around Albert Park Lake and then head to the South Melbourne Market to stock up on fruit and veg for the week. What better way to start the weekend? I was walking for less than 5 minutes when I tripped on a tree root and went flying onto the ground with all my weight landing on my sore knee. *pause for laughter*

I brushed myself off and kept walking as though nothing had happened (trying to be cool), but the next 10 minutes were a blur of self-hating thoughts. I cursed myself for thinking I could be the kind of person who can join all those fit and gorgeous people jogging around the lake. I was wondering what right a 110 kilo fatty like me had to be there with these skinny girls jogging in lycra tops and shorty shorts. I didn't feel any pain in my knee at all because I just felt like such a big fat oaf.

In the hour it took me to walk the 4.8 km around the lake I got my shit together and stopped feeling sorry for myself. Everyone looks silly when they fall over and who doesn't love a good fall? It's hilarious! Clearly I need to stop taking my fat so seriously and learn to laugh at myself more. I'll probably be giggling for the next week over this one!


  1. Oh I have SO been there! Falling over while jogging is my least favorite thing to do.. and yet.. I managed to do it just last week.
    Hey, keep at the walking. It's how you get skinny enough to look like you belong. :)

  2. Oh, the humiliation! But still, it does happen to everyone, so don't feel it is because you are not slim enough.

    I tripped over nothing at the gym the other day - so embarassing, lol!

  3. You would have tripped no matter what your weight was, and you would have felt equally silly!
    I know I always feel super embarrassed when I trip, almost angry at myself, but when I see someone else tripping , all I think of is "is she/he okay? can I help?" That's it!
    Hope your knee is ok!!

  4. Im with chubrubb.

    Im a tripper.
    I was before I lost weight and I SOOO am now.

    kudos to you for seeing the humor as, for me, life is too short not to be able to laugh at myself...

  5. argh, I'm sure that felt really embarrassing but I can guarantee you that less people noticed it than you thought, and they've forgotten by now. I think one thing about being as heavy as I am is the assumption that I'm the center of attention and everyone is looking (which is worse now that I've very obviously foreign and therefore everyone I looking most the time!), but the truth is people care a lot less than we think.

  6. BUT.... you got up, brushed yourself off and finished your walk!!!!!! Kudos to you :)

    I do most of my walking on my ranch...but while I have tumbled down the slope a few times I can darn near hear the deer laughing at me. My dog, (((Trouble))), bless her will lick my face and make sure I am okay.

    It sounds like a beautiful place for a walk! Keep it up

    Jen from Oregon

  7. I remember falling one time while walking. It was right in front of my neighbor, and even though I had scrapped my leg really badly, I got up and continued. If he hadn't been there I would have quit!!

    Great job on continuing your walk. Day by day you will get there!

  8. Hey, when I saw the title of your post I was thinking something really bad.. I am so proud that you got your head around it all before you left the park.. you had an option of leaving there and then.. (I fell and hurt my knee.. I should go home..) BUT you didn't, you said you where going to walk the park and you did!!
    I was working last friday (i work at a gym..) and I fell off the back of the treadmill.. once the shock of it pasted, i had to laugh at myself (cos the 15 others in the gym where also having a giggle..)

  9. I've walked straight into the glass window NEXT TO the door at my gym not once but TWICE! both times I had an audience - both times I headbutted it. Humiliated? Yes. Laughing later? Damn straight (3rd time maybe not......)

    Glad you kept on with the walk. Snaps to you!!!!

  10. I didn't laugh, I teared up and gasped! If I were to fall on my would be potentially devastating considering I have an ACL replacement. Hell, I've fallen backwards twice because my knee has twisted (long story) in the same day...and getting up was terrifying. Damn girl, you scared me!

    Now, with my gasping in fear out of the way, I'm glad you got up and kept on going. You Rock!

  11. I have felt like that.. often.
    It passes.
    ONWARD mate.

  12. I don't think I go a week without falling over in some way but I know how awful it is to do it in public (I did a graceful stumble at a step class a couple weeks ago!). Glad you found the funny side eventually.

    Em :)

  13. Oh gawd, I trip all the time - in fact I tripped over a loose paving stone on a main street two days before my half and bruised my big toe :P If Tom hadn't been holding my hand at the time, I would have fallen right to the ground! I was so embarrassed, but The Better Idiot is right - people notice a lot less than we think!!

    Good on you for continuing to walk anyway and seeing the funny side!

  14. Aww, I'm sorry hun, but falling is the funniest thing ever! I know it isn't fun when its YOU falling, but I learned long ago, that it is way more fun to laugh at myself. Now, I am my biggest (literally) source of amusement :) I could write a book about all the times I've fallen, trust middle name aint Grace! Hope your knee feels better soon! Kudos to you for walking anyway xx

  15. Laugh and the world laughs with you, fall on your face and well, not everyone is so nice! Just pick yourself off, you are doing great. Don't let that discourage you!-K.T.


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