Friday, December 17, 2010

Bun In The Oven

No, I am not pregnant, but that isn't stopping people from thinking I am...

When I was really big I didn't really ever get mistaken for being pregnant because I looked fat rather than pregnant I guess. I was always grateful for being saved the humiliation of people asking me when the baby was due, but I noticed it seemed to happen to a lot of my thinner friends. A girl I work with shared a few hilarious stories of when she was mistaken for being pregnant, even though she isn't really fat at all. A particularly bad situation was when she started a big impressive job as a lawyer in the US and they held a drinks reception for her, when she went to the bar with her colleagues the bar tender refused to serve her because he said it is illegal to serve alcohol to a pregnant woman. I think I would have to quit my job after having that happen in front of new colleagues.

Anyway, the reason I am bringing this up is because 3 times in the past few weeks I have got onto a packed tram and a young guy has jumped up and offered his seat to me. The first time I thought it was odd, the second time I wondered if guys were getting more chivalrous and the third time I realised it wasn't a coincidence and they must think I am pregnant. There is just no other reason why these guys would offer their seats to me, I am perfectly capable of standing up on the tram.

It happened again yesterday and I took the seat that was offered because I thought the guy was giving it to me because he was getting off the tram, but then he didn't get off until we got to the city... half an hour later... I sat there the entire time completely mortified and put my bag on my lap to cover my stomach. AJ happened to be with me that day and he thought the whole thing was hysterical. Nice to be a guy and not have to worry about these things.

I got dressed this morning and AJ says to me "That's nice, you don't look pregnant". I guess that is what passes for a compliment these days...


  1. That SUCKS and I've totally been there. All that said, please tell me you aren't falling prey to those empire waist shirts and dresses that are so popular right now. B/C if you are, that is what is causing it, right there. They make even the skinniest girls look pg. I don't understand why its such a trend right now. I really don't.

  2. I'm gonna choose to think they recon you are hot & hitting on you by offering you a seat........

    I do feel your mortification though.

    Agree with Sherry - some tops make us all look preggers............

    LOL @ AJ!

  3. Totally on board with this - I was never once asked if I was pregnant at 112 kgs - 57kgs on the other hand, all the time!!!

  4. Yer hubby even said to me I am beginning to look like I am pregnant now, I have days that I can't wear anything that doesn't look like I am , sux. We can't win.

  5. OMG that has happened to me once, a customer asked me once when my baby was due, I was like I'm not pregnant, some people just have no manners !!!!!!

  6. " I guess that what passes for a compliment these days." That made me crack up!
    I am perplexed about all of the man giving up their seats... all of a sudden.
    Love your blog! I just discovered it.
    Have a pretty day!

  7. This has happened to me a few times, the worst was when a woman tried to touch my 'pregnant'stomach.

  8. As with above commenters, it is highly likely that guys giving up their seats for you is not because they think you're pregnant but because they're hitting on you. It happens more than you'd think, and as your self confidence continues to grow, you may find it happening even more.

    As for AJ, the boy has some odd ideas at what passes for a compliment -- or a dangerous sense of humour!

  9. Hello, just found your blog and loving it! I have to lose 20 kilos, but already lost about 60. A woman in a hospital gave me once a teddybear and said "for your unborn", patting my "pregnant" belly. People don't mean it, but still - it is just strange.

    I have a question: please tell me, how do you take care of your skin? Is your skin adapting nicely?

  10. Indeed, this actually happened to most of us who are really working to lessen these extra weight. Anyway, I also had an experience these kind of slightly humiliating experience when me and my wife went to a concert last month. We were at the line that we suppose to have our seats and then the lady approached us and said to my wife "Madam, we reserved executive seats for pregnant moms like you, please follow me!" I was like ARGH(controlling my LOL) cause my wife might give me a surprise overweight elbow attack again. But then, she's the one who laughed and said. "So, where we heading to? thanks for that! It was so nice of you!". See?? look at the bright side girls. though it really doesn't feel good at all. The day after, my wife told me that she want to go to Phoenix lap band surgeons for the consultation. She really got irritated every time that thing happened.

  11. I agree with a couple of commenters, it sounds more like they are hitting on you.

    About 2 weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine who spent the most of her life at60kgs and was a total knockout. She said men fell over her to do things for her without her saying a word. Now that she's bigger she feels invisible.

    I think your hotness is drawing some beautiful attention my love.


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