Monday, December 06, 2010

Weekend Photos

No time to write anything much because I am going to try and get to the gym before they close for the night. I just wanted to update with some photos taken from the weekend.

Me at home before I headed out to my friend's place in Geelong for a girls night (ie. getting drunk). Can you tell I felt like an absolute knob posing for that photo?

Holding my friend's gorgeous 1-year-old girl (before we passed her off to the dad to look after for the night). I need to always carry a small child on my lap to cover my 'problem areas', so slimming...

Just hanging out at home on Sunday (with a hang over), but I was wearing a new top, so I thought I should take a photograph to see how it looked (I do that with all my new clothes). The top is size L from Jay Jays.

Me, once again feeling stupid trying to pose for a photo! I'm still in my size 18 jeans because the 16's I bought are just too tight. I hate you apple shaped body. Sigh.


  1. I think you look awesome and I would have never guessed you're a size 18!

    I too have an apple shaped body. I've found that the skinny jeans (or at least tapered legs) are flattering on me b/c they are bigger in the waist and smaller in the legs.

  2. I'm a long time lurker but have been following your blog since before you got the band (I want my mum to get one).

    Just wanted to tell you that you look absolutely amazing.

    That is all!

  3. i would love to meet up with you again and buy your fine ass a few congratulatory champagnes sweetpea.


  4. You look great! I agree I'd never guess you were a size 18 (not that there's anything wrong with an 18).

  5. Jay Jays is my goal shop! I believe that once I can get my butt into something from Jay Jays I will feel like major goals have been achieved!

    I love the shoes in the first pic - I love a good sandal!


  6. Tully you absolute spunk. I am loving your look. Wouldn't mind a close up of those sandals, they look really nice. Hmmm - what to wear Friday night?

  7. You look gorgeous! - When you look at the 'worst before pic' you posted last week and then these pics - what an achievement!!! You Rock!

  8. I have been a lurker for ages following your journey checking in every week or two. You are doing bloody amazing. Great job to date and you look hot in todays pics!

    Pip :-)

  9. You look wonderful - fabulous! And I love the new top:)

  10. You look wonderful - fabulous! And I love the new top:)

  11. Looking good there Tully! Truly amazing transformation. You must be feeling so good!

    You were down Geelong way? Bugger hey?!

  12. Hi. I don't know if I've ever commented here before, but I've been reading for a while and just wanted to tell you that I literally gasped when I scrolled down and saw the first picture. Seriously. Your progress is astounding. Well done! You look like someone who has never had a weight problem. You are a "normal" (regular, unremarkable, standard, typical, average, healthy, or whatever the term should be) size and you look lovely. I hope you realize that.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!