Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Every Weekend Should Be A Long Weekend...

  • Having some wonderful family time
  • Lots of fantastic food and wine, so, so much food and wine...
  • Spending my days laughing till I cry with AJ
  • Going to bed without setting my alarm
  • Day tripping to the Yarra Valley and Hanging Rock
  • New boots
  • Listening to Adele and Joni Mitchell and singing very loud and bad
  • Football- Go Cats!
  • Chocolate
  • Never Let Me Go, a fantastic movie
  • Every moment of the five day weekend

  • Breaking my tooth on Easter Sunday, it seriously impacted my chocolate eating abilities
  • Waiting all day for a delivery that didn't arrive until 6.30pm. So angry
  • Spending way too much money on a spur of the moment shopping trip. Whoops...
  • The Canucks going down in flames, seriously, WTF?

  • A disgusting late night pizza delivery from Dominos. Ugh, triple cheese pizza is not good at midnight...
  • Going back to work blues

Walking through the Toolangi State Forest. I pinched AJ's jumper because it was so freezing cold.

The spectacular Toolangi State Forest.

Lunch at Coldstream brewery. Police were out the front breath testing so I took one for the team and did all the drinking while AJ drove.

Looking boobalicious at Dominique Portet winery in the Yarra Valley for a tasting of their new cabernet with chocolate mousse- delicious!

AJ soaking up the sun out front of Dominque Portet winery.

Making Easter chocolates for my family.

Getting ready to go out to dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant called Sarti, but the purpose of this photo is to show off my new boots. This is the first time I have bought boots without the term 'wide calf' on the tag.

AJ at the comedy festival. We saw Mark Watson who literally made me LOL.

AJ called out to me from upstairs, I didn't realise he had a camera so when he first called out I pulled my dress up as a joke and then looked up to see the camera- whoops. Lucky for you I am not posting that photo!

Putting the final touches on the Easter treats I made for my dad in the car park before lunch at the gorgeous Tellers in Mooroopna. I ate the most magnificent duck cassoulet, the best meal I have eaten all year.

Dessert on Easter Sunday at my mum's.

A good friend is currently in New York, so I took a photo of me in front of my NY picture in my room to try and transport myself back to New York with her. I miss you New York.

Walking through Hanging Rock, wow, what an amazing place. I first watched the movie Picnic At Hanging Rock about 15 years ago and it scared the crap out of me and being there still felt incredibly creepy.

Me and AJ walking up Hanging Rock and getting quite a sweat on, it was so freaking steep!

Lunch at a lovely restaurant in Kyneton called Mr Casrsisi.

AJ with a extravagant dessert plate at Mr Carsisi, I have to admit, I ate most of it...

An afternoon stroll through the gorgeous town of Kyneton.

Watching the Cats win the footy with a glass (actually a bottle) of champers on Tuesday evening.


  1. When you started this "Journey" (I hate that word) I was 80 kgs and now I am 105kgs.
    I don't know why, I have no good excuse but I have been with you all the way.

    (BTW my Aunt says there is ONLY so much weight in the world and someone has to have it, so when one person loses it, another gains it. I guess I have got yours - you're welcome!)

    Anyway, I spend a fair amount of time in Melb and have often wondered if I would have the courage to say hello if I saw you, and then you spend all weekend in my neck of the woods and I don't see you at all, how fair is that??

    You are beautiful and I hope I run into you one day ( I am almost certain I will say hi)

    Happy Easter.

  2. Looks like you had an awesome long weekend!!! Back to work today :(

  3. I have so much to say about this post!

    1. I bet it felt awesome to be able to fit into AJ's jumper!
    2. STUNNING boots! And is that a new coat I see, too?
    3. Can you adopt me into your family just in time for Easter next year? That spread looks amazing!
    4. As does that dessert plate at Mr Carsisi - OMG.
    5. Stupid Cats :-p
    6. You are so beautiful!
    7. Does the time you would prefer to spend a long weekend hiding away inside seem very far away?


  4. Anonymous - you would totally have to say hi to the lovely Tully.

    Love the boots, the chocolate, the photos, everything. As I told you previously, you seem to go on the best day trips/weekends.

  5. Looks like you've had a TOP weekend!!!!! Carn the Cats!!!!

  6. Ive been a follower since absolutely forever, first time commenting in a long while.

    The jubilation in buying no wide calf boots must have been amazing!

    Tully, you have just come so so so far. I know you know this, but sometimes it helps to be reminded.

    Your blog has encouraged me to keep going, and even start a blog too.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!