Monday, June 20, 2011


I recently found out I was going to be a bridesmaids in my brother’s wedding next February. At first I felt pretty fine about the idea of wearing a bridesmaid dress and being in a wedding party and I didn’t feel like I would feel like the ‘fat bridesmaid’, but I am getting increasingly nervous now the event is drawing closer.

My brother and his partner announced they are moving back to Australia at the end of August and bridesmaid dress shopping is hot on the agenda. I am honoured and excited to be a bridesmaid, I am just scared that I am going to make dress shopping difficult for everyone else. The bride and other bridesmaids are all really skinny and I don’t think it would cross anyone’s mind that there are people that don’t fit into standard sizes. I don’t want to be the person who can’t fit into the standard size dress and ruins it for everyone, or even worse, has to get my dress special ordered. Of course the bride and the other bridesmaids are all lovely and wouldn't want to make me feel uncomfortable, I just don't want to spoil things for the bride.

I am on the cusp on a size 16 now (if the cut is generous around my mid-section) but to be confident going bridesmaid's dress shopping I would really like to be wearing a comfortable size 14-16. So that gives me about 2 months to drop some weight. I have no idea how much I need to lose, but I’m not focussing numbers, just eating well and exercising. There is no point aiming to get to a certain weight because I never meet my own expectations and end up feeling like a failure.

I am going to measure my weight loss against a dress that I bought earlier this year and I am hoping to fit into for my cousins wedding (which happens to be the day before my brother and his girlfriend fly back to Australia). The dress is currently too tight to zip up (I learnt this the painful way… with the zip getting stuck in my back fat) and it is a size 14 from Portmans. Weirdly enough I saw it recently the aptly titled movie Bridesmaids!

(pictures from here)

The dress from the movie Bridesmaids

The version I have of the dress with the black band around the middle

Weirdly enough, Kristin Wiig’s character wears another dress that I own in the film, except mine is a watermelon colour. 

 The dress from the movie Bridesmaids

 Me in the watermelon version of the dress and literally 3 times the size of Kristen Wiig!

So if and when I fit into my size 14 dress for my cousin’s wedding I will be feeling a whole lot more confident shopping for bridesmaid’s dresses with the other girls. I’ll be sure to post pictures of me (hopefully) wearing the dress in August and also report back on bridesmaid's dress shopping. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! I have a wedding at the end of the year and although I'm not a bridesmaid, just a guest, I'm really really hoping to have lost a heck more weight by then so I can go home and wow everyone (and not feel fat, sweaty and uncomfortable in a pretty dress in the middle of the Australian summer!)

    I love that watermelon dress by the way - it looks great on you.

  2. The difference between size 16 and size 14 isn't that much really - about 5kg. You can lose that easily over 2 months!

    Can I recommend serious control underwear when you go shopping? The ones that look like bicycle pants but stop under your boobs are brilliant for squooshing in the flabby bits and flattening the tummy area. They're a little hot but sooo worth it - it's the one thing I wish I'd added to my wedding day!

  3. FFS, I'm sick of you being so down on yourself. You look hot, stop wallowing in your own pity party.

    Get on with life and stop worrying about your weight.

  4. Even though you have come so far and should be proud of yourself, I can absolutely understand why you would want to be able to fit comfortably into 'normal'-sized clothes in this situation. Do you think the bride to be will be wanting you to wear 'traditional' bridesmaids dresses, or something a bit out of the ordinary? At least if it's the former, those kinds of dresses usually come in sizes bigger than 14.

    Keep on being honest, there's nothing worse than reading blogs where you can tell the author is being fake - worse still are those who paint a picture of weight loss being the answer to all their problems! We love you for who you are :-)


  5. Haters gonna hate, but I still love you :)

    You've come such a long way in the last couple of years, but that doesn't mean all the problems are magically fixed. If you still don't fit into "normal" sizes, then you still don't fit into "normal" sizes- as simple as that. I think it's perfectly understandable that that might be a cause for anxiety- especially around a wedding when emotions run high.


  6. lol, how's the pity party going??? (wtf was that about?) anyway - I love how you have the same dresses as Kristen Wiig. When I was watching that movie I was constantly drawn to what she was wearing.

  7. Ditto Cinders - I was thinking how stylish you are!!! I don't have any celeb dresses :0(

    You are beautiful & will look fabulous on the day!! You don't need luck mate :0)


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