Sunday, June 12, 2011

Walking Contradiction

So as soon as I make big decisions and announce them on my blog, it is pretty much a guarantee that soon I will completely contradict myself. My latest about turn is in regards to my gym membership. So first I complained about how much I hated the gym. Then I cancelled my gym membership. Then I bought this piece of crap elliptical that doesn't work. Now I have decided to go back to the gym.

Let me explain... I purchased one of those cheap deals for a 3 month gym membership for $29. My last gym membership was $22 a week, so $29 for 3 months is an amazing bargain. The main problem I had with the gym (apart from laziness) was that I felt constant guilt if I didn't go to the gym because it was costing me so much. I am hoping I won't feel so much guilt and pressure about the gym if I don't have the financial commitment. I also figure that a 3 month membership is perfect timing because it will expire around the same time as my motivation.

AJ bought the cheap deal too, so it means we can go together and hopefully he'll drag my fat arse there when I try to make excuses not to go. We have also decided that we'll only go when it suits us, which is weekends, because that is when we have more time. I hate rushing home from work on a weekday to get changed, hurry through a work-out and then get back to organise dinner, shower and try to get to bed at a reasonable time. I enjoy working out so much more when I can take my time and relax.

So I plan to go to the gym 1 or 2 times on the weekends and keep doing my pilates class at work and I might even try the yoga class at work next week! That might not seem like a heavy exercise program, but for me that should be sustainable and enjoyable, which is more important to me than fast weight loss.

Unfortunately I had a couple of false starts with the gym... the past 2 Saturdays I was supposed to front up for my introductory session with a trainer and both days I ended up being too hung over to attend. I got my shit together this morning and had my first session and it actually felt good to get back into some sweaty exercise.  I wonder how long this will last...


  1. which gym is offering a deal that cheap???? i'm in melbourne. if it's a franchise, can you let me know the name? cheers.

  2. What a bargain!!! Even if you only go a few times you will get your money back (so to speak). Enjoy the exercise xx

  3. Don't feel too contrary mate - I think perhaps the anemia & vit12 B deficiency probably have something to do with it all!

    You're on a bargain with the 3 month deal. My membership is $31 per fortnight. There are certainly cheaper ones out there, but it is close & reasonable convenient (I'd have to join a 24hr one to be able to go before work!!)

    It's great to have someone else to work out with - enjoy!!!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!