Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strange, But True

OK, I am about to say something I never thought I would say. I love Pilates. I think I have well documented my hatred of exercise, and especially group exercise classes, so I am as shocked as anyone.

A girl at work encouraged me to join them in the lunch time Pilates class that they run every week. I thought it would be a good way to get to know some new people in my building and be social, but by this morning I was wishing I had never agreed to it. The nerves really kicked in… I was literally repeating a mantra to myself all morning: you have a strong capable body, you have a strong capable body, you have a strong capable body, you have a strong capable body…

I had a very unfortunate experience doing yoga at a past job a few years ago when I was bigger, so that played on my mind a lot. You can see how nervous I was from the panicked email I sent to AJ before I went in for the class:
TULLY: Pilates in 15 minutes… great… can’t wait… pray for me. I am shaking from nerves… or cold… not sure. Maybe it’s just because I feel weird wearing a tight singlet top at work. Why do I get myself into these things?
Alas, I did suck it up and attend the class and I enjoyed every second of it. I felt challenged by the moves, but I didn’t ever feel like I couldn’t do anything. I knew I would have struggled with most of the moves if I was still 130 kilos and I would have felt embarrassed by my size and my restricted abilities. NB. This is not to say other people that size or bigger couldn’t do Pilates, I had fitness and confidence issues that held me back.

I feel like if I keep up Pilates it’ll help make my body stronger, more balanced and more coordinated. I must admit that I didn’t have a chance to focus much on the breathing and meditation side of things because I was just trying follow what we were doing, but that is another area I would like to improve on eventually. I’m really looking forward to continuing and (hopefully) getting better as I go.

Email conversation between me and AJ when I got back from Pilates (for the conversation to make sense, you need to know that I am currently obsessed with eating oats):
TULLY: OK, so this is going to be hard to believe, but I actually loved it! I have never found an exercise I enjoy at all, but this was great. It was just toning, stretching exercises and challenging, but I could keep up. Can’t wait for next week! Might be sore tomorrow though!

AJ: Wow, that is very very cool!!!  I am really proud of you!! Could you imagine doing it at 130 kilos?

TULLY: Never, I couldn’t have even done the basic stretches because my body would have been in the way.

AJ: Between the oats and pilates you are a regular “Mari Winsor”!!!

TULLY: Oh no, next thing you know I’ll decide to do a half marathon…

AJ: LOL…I think it’s organic food, then half marathon!!

TULLY: Oh no, sounds like being a health douchebag is going to get expensive…


  1. A health douchebag you may be, but you're our health douchebag.

    Glad you loved it! I'm sure the benefits will also be more than enjoyable :)

  2. i find it makes a HUGE difference to these types of exercise/classes if you find a style/teacher you like, and you clearly did, so that's great!

  3. AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!

    ps happy bandiversary!! you go girl!!!

  4. that is soooo cute! I am guessing that pilates is not like body balance cos I suck BIG TIME at that!

  5. Glad you've found something you love - that is the key. Loved the photos on your previous post, you've come such a long way. I'm rapt for you x

  6. I ran across your blog by accident and I am SO glad I did!!! I have spent the last 3 days reading about your life for the past few years. I love your honesty!! You look sooooo fantastic! Keep up the great work! You r such an inspiration!
    Love, a fan in Southern Alberta Canada
    p.s you used to refer to AJ as your flatmate... Are you two.... An item now?

  7. I'm so happy you found something you love. I've learned that I absolutely LOVE kickboxing. Who knew? Can't wait to hear all about your next class and your new love. Still not sure I could make it through all the moves on my pilates DVD but you've inspired me to try it again. Rock on!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!