Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New Toy!

So I have vowed off gym memberships, but even I know that exercise is a necessary evil if you want to keep fit, so I went and purchased an elliptical machine. I still don't love exercise, but I also don't want to lose the fitness I have developed while slogging it out at the gym the past couple of years. I enjoy walking outdoors, but it isn't always practical and I am the first one to proclaim it's too wet/cold/hot/windy/dark... so now I have no excuse.

I have to admit that I didn't intend to purchase this machine, it really was an accident. I was considering buying an elliptical and my friend recommended I try ebay, which I have never used before, and all of a sudden I had put a bid on and won this machine. I know that probably seems unbelievably stupid, but I don't really have mad Internet shopping skillz. This wasn't even the one I wanted to buy, but it was $800 less than the machine I was going to buy, so I guess that is a good thing...

I tried out the elliptical properly for the first time last night and it wasn't the most enjoyable experience I have ever had. It was a bit squeaky and creaky and one of the foot pads fell off mid work out-- but that wasn't the worst bit... Even though there are supposedly 16 different levels, it felt like it was stuck on the hardest level the entire time I used it. It was seriously like trying to walk through cement. I have used many different ellipticals over the years and I have found them all to be quite different in terms of difficulty, but this was pure torture.

I could only *just* manage 5 minutes before I had to stop for a break. I did some boxing, hand weights and sit-ups while I got my breath back and then tried to get back on the horse. I managed another 5 minutes before I cursed the stupid machine and collapsed on my bed. AJ insinuated I was being a touch dramatic, so I challenged him to 5 minutes so he could get a better feel for the torture I had endured. By the end of the 5 minutes he was drenched in sweat and suitably apologetic for his lack of sympathy.

I am now thinking I should have forked out the extra money for the better machine...

The mean machine.

I had a gorgeous white chaise lounge from Ikea picked out for that spot under the window... so sad to now be filled by such an ugly torture machine...

Set up right in front of the TV. I'm thinking I'll work out while I watch the new series of MasterChef, better than eating while I watch it...

Testing it out in my slippers... apparently there is no way to take a flattering photo while exercising.


  1. I hate that machine too. I hired one once and didn't get past the first 5 minutes either. Good luck!

  2. That looks identical to the one I purchased off eBay years ago - it was a piece of crap, I can't even remember what I did with it, but I know I got rid of it within a month and forked out the big bucks for a decent machine (exercise bike though) - you really do get what you pay for.

  3. An elliptical machine set up in front of the telly is the best! I'm sorry it seems a crappy one, but at least you know those 5 mins are working you silly!

  4. just be careful of your knees. i had to stop exercising for 3 months because i did it everyday for 20 minutes for two weeks. it was incredibly painful and i ended up not being able to walk for a month while i attempted to heal. then i had to pay for cortisone injections and an MRI which are not claimable on healh insurance or through medicare. i shouldn't have been advised to use the machine at the gym - i was 100kg and it wasn't safe for my weight. just be careful. your knees are really fragile and incredibly easy to injure, even at a healthy weight like yours. i wouldn't recommend anyone using a machine that puts so much pressure on a knee joint. it really set me back - had my emotional eating under control and without exercise, slid right back into it, without even realising and also suffered a massive dose of depression.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!