Monday, April 23, 2012


I kind of hate getting my hair cut and coloured because I have never been able to find a good hairdresser that I have liked enough to want to trust with my hair and my $250 (any Melbourne hairdresser reccomendations appreciated!). So I have started to buy those group deal vouchers for haircuts seeing as I don't have a regular hairdresser and it saves me about $200. Obviously it doesn't always work out for the best and I have had a couple of bad experiences, but my inner tight-arse keeps me going back for more.

I had my hair done on Saturday with one of these deals and the jury is out on whether I will go back. The place was ok, the hair cut was ok and it is close to home, so it may be a winner for that last reason. Anyway, talking about my hair is not terribly interesting, but the reason I am posting this on my blog is because the hairdresser took a before and after photo of me and posted it to their facebook page. He seemed genuinely shocked by hair and used the word 'unflattering' at least three times so I knew he was going to hack it off.

Note that I made a rookie mistake and wore my gym clothes and no make-up to the hairdressers because I was going to the gym after. This meant I had to stare at my pasty skin and enlarged pores in an oversized mirror for two and a half hours and shudder with horror. I honestly don't know what I was thinking...

Here are the photos, it may not look like it, but he chopped off a lot of hair. He kept telling me I should weigh myself when I got home because he reckons he took off half a kilo of hair! If only weight loss was always this easy...

What do you think? I am still a bit unsure... Should I get it cut short short next time?




  1. The after looks sensational! But how is the after-after... when you get home and have to style it yourself, I think that is the test of a good haircut.

    I recommend Heading Out. They are expensive but they treat you like royalty and give you champers! And they do a fantastic job too.

  2. LOVE IT!

    Yes, it's a bit hard to avoid the mirrors at any hairdressers isn't it. Hope you made it to the gym.

    See how it goes with that length & styling at home before getting more off. I think it would look good shorter as well the length it is now, but I feel nekid if they chop too much off my own hair, so will not be responsible for recommending that!!!.

  3. Woah woah woah! Jesus Tully you are Beautiful!
    I get my hair done at a Hairdresser in South Caulfield (Peter Fink) the lady that does my hair is Amazing! I went from Brunette to Blonde nearly 8 weeks ago and she made the Transformation that extra bit Special! Very resonable.
    Ashlee x

  4. I think the soft curls look great! (although i agree with kathrynoh that the real test will be after you wash it out and do it yourself!) I have a great hairdresser (but in Sydney - sorry!) and miss her SO much, I just can't find a decent one here.
    I know everyone's different, but as much as I love the idea of long hair, it was unflattering on me, and I think I look 100 times better now with short hair

  5. I love the after shot, but then I guess it all depends on how easy it is to style it every morning? It's one thing for a hairdresser to style it during the cut, but what does it for me is having to do it myself the next day :o)

    That is usually why I go for short, not much then needs to be done :p

  6. Wow - you look GORGEOUS with curly hair!

    I think your face would suit pretty much any length, and your hair is think enough that it doesn't get that ratty look when it's long - you're so lucky! You look great when your hair is up, too, so I wouldn't get so much chopped off that you can't tie it back.

    I really liked your hair when it was this length:


  7. It looks great - but then again your hair always does. I went to Heading Out once before as I had a gift certificate and they were good as Kathryn said. Don't go too much shorter but i'm biased as most know.

  8. I really like it.
    I think it looks great.
    I miss my long hair.

    And your skin is AMAZING.

    But I know what you mean about hating the hair dresser. I get so uncomfortable sitting in the chair. Stiff neck, sore shoulders.
    Staring at my double chin.. trying to make it go away.

  9. I love it!
    You can hardly tell you had any length taken off at all!

  10. The styling and volume are lovely - if it takes under 10 min to recreate then great. Otherwise...

    I'd say stick with the longer length while you can - I think long hair suits younger hair more than older (although not true for everyone). and when you have kids it seems to get shorter each child that comes along as you just get less and less time to style and take care of it.


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