Thursday, April 26, 2012

Byron Bay & Wedding Photos... Finally!

I spent 6 months stressing about being a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding and then I didn't really get around to posting any of the photos from the wedding or the trip. I used the public holiday yesterday to get my photos in order so prepare to be bombarded by holiday happy snaps!

The road trip was almost my favourite part of the whole holiday. I just love getting in the car (as long as i don't have to drive) and driving until you feel like stopping. Going through cute little towns, stopping for food and taking silly pictures. Then when you are tired, finding a cheap hotel to spend the night and starting all over again the next day. It's so much fun feeling free and not having to be anywhere in particular.

We left home at 4.00am to get an early start on the 20 hour drive. Here is me at our first stop, Holbrook, having a delicious pie for breakfast

AJ, being the child that he is, immediately ran to play on the giant submarine in town

We stopped at the 'famous' Dog on the Tucker Box... boring!

AJ on 'the road to Gundagai'!

We stopped for the night in Port Stephens and this was an early morning coffee and walk by the water before we set off for another day of driving. I will always remember this town as having the best fish and chips i have ever had. I wanted to go back for more for breakfast!

Of course we had to stop at the Big Banana for a banana fritter in Coffs Harbour. I think this might have been my first banana fritter and it was surprisingly good!

We stayed that night in a rainforest resort in Yamba, it was stormy, but so hot so we hit the pool

An evening walk along the beach in Yamba. I loved this little town, I would happily move there and retire.

The view from the rocks in Yamba

Fish and chips for dinner again, nothing is better than beachside fish and chips!


We hired a 4 bedroom house across the road from the beach in Byron Bay for us and my brother and mum and their partners and stayed a week for the wedding of my younger brother.

After 2 days driving we arrived in Byron Bay and this is the beautiful house we stayed in for the week

The bath in my bathroom, it was so deluxe, but almost too big!

AJ and I got up early and did the spectacular Headland and Lighthouse walk

AJ along the way looking for dolphins

Me wondering what I got myself into, my fitness was so poor and it was a bit painful (can you see the lighthouse way in the distance)!

The gorgeous lighthouse

Another view of the lighthouse

The beautiful beach at Byron Bay

Me playing on the floating thong in the pool at the holiday house

AJ doing handstands in the pool

A lizard that went for a swim in the pool on a hot day, but then it couldn't get out so AJ had to fish it out, hilarious!

Me drinking a macadamia milkshake at the Macadamia Castle

AJ and I walking on the beach in our backyard

Me on the beach

AJ at the Byron Bay market in torrential rain

The Byron Bay farmers market

AJ out for dinner

The farmers market tasting menu at Fig Tree Restaurant-- I highly recommend this place if you happen to be in byron on a Thursday night

One of the courses of the tasting menu, it was all delicious!

Me sipping on Prosecco at dinner

Reading by the pool, which is how I spent the majority of my time

AJ enjoying wearing my robe that says 'Bridesmaid' on the back

Me at Minyon Falls

AJ hiking along the walk we did down to base of the falls... another walk that my fitness was not prepared for... ouch!

The view of the falls from below

AJ on the beach on our last night

My last walk on the beach... sob...

My younger brother married his Canadian girlfriend in lovely Byron Bay, alongside about 80 of their closest family and friends. It was a great day and it was just lovely to see them so happy.

One of the other bridesmaids at the wedding

AJ performing delivery duties on the morning of the wedding

Me in my 'Bridesmaid' robe before I got my hair and make-up done (we had to start EARLY!)

Connie getting her nails done by one of the bridesmaids

A photo of my terrible tan marks in my bridesmaids dress

My brother (the groom), my mum and me at my place after the ceremony, where the bridal party went to hang out and have a drink

My house was across the road from the beach, so we all walked over and got some photos taken (me and my brother at the back)

Me and my fellow bridesmaids

Connie getting picked up by the groom and groomsmen

The bride and groom

Kicking off our shoes on the beach

AJ taking a bottle for a little something stronger for the reception

Cutting the cake

Having fun on the dance floor

More dancing

Some guests on the deck overlooking the beach

The bridal party messing around with parasols... of course I ruined the photo because I couldn't hold my own weight in that pose!

Me, my older brother (the MC) and my younger brother (the groom)

AJ and Connie on the deck

Some of the guests in the marquee (where the ceremony was held)

After the wedding, AJ and I set off on the 10 hour drive to the wine region of the hunter Valley for a few days to de-stress from all the wedding activities and holidaying with family... boy did I need some wine!

Commencing the drive from Byron Bay to the Hunter Valley for the second part of our holiday

The scenery along the way

One of the many boring pit stops along the way, I can't even remember what this one was...

Stonehenge in NSW... we stop at anything!

The Golden Guitar in Tamworth

Me pigging out on McDonalds and chinese food in the car, and yes, eating Chinese food in the car is not advisable... 

Finally we made it to the Hunter Valley about midnight and here I am eating chips because we had a free welcome mini bar, which I thought meant we had free mini bar for our first night, so i ate everything in sight... turned out it was free for the whole trip and I made a pig of myself for nothing!

AJ getting excited by his robe, he loves to pose!

The gorgeous Spicers in Hunter Valley where we stayed for 3 nights, it was just amazing and I highly recommend this place

Looking exhausted the next morning, but very ready to hit the wineries!

The gorgeous Parisian breakfast we had each day, it doesn't look anything special, but it was all home made and just delicious

Tempus Two, the first winery we hit that morning and I was so excited I joined their wine club, I can't wait for the first delivery!

At least we weren't the only people drinking wine at 10.00am!

Yet another winery...

Lunch at Lindeman's

The weather started getting stormy

Then the downpour came... lucky we were stocked with wine and cheese and could wait the storm out!

The lovely restaurant at the hotel

A strange photo of me at dinner

The desserts that we managed to eat, despite being very full and boozed

The cellar in the restaurant

Mount Pleasant winery

Going on a winery tour early the next day

Where all the wine is being made

AJ enjoying our wine tutorial

The fun bit... tasting!

After all the wine, I needed a big pasta to soak it all up

Keeping warm by the fire on my last night of holidays


  1. Looks like you had such a fab time hunny!! xxx

  2. Great photos! You look beautiful and it looks like so much fun!

  3. Looks like such a fab time. maaaan I would love to live in Australia.

    I absolutely LOVE the dress you wore on the beach.

  4. Great pics!! Looks like a fun trip.

    I was a bridesmaid in a wedding in the Byron surf club a couple of weeks ago! :)

  5. Everything looked so beautiful, loved them all x

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your pic's! Looks an amazing trip!! Beautiful!!! Lovely to see you smiling so much! xo


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