Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Costume NSV

One of the more annoying things about being fat was dress-up parties. I hated them with a passion and would do anything to avoid them. When I couldn't get out of them, I would just be the dull person who turned up without a costume and make up some lame excuse. I always felt awful because the host would be disappointed by my lack of costume and I felt like I was missing out on the fun.

So when my sister-in-law told me she was having a 1920's themed party for her 30th birthday my first reaction was horror because I knew that I couldn't get out of this one. I tried to ignore the whole costume thing for as long as possible, but when my sister-in-law started emailing me links to costumes I knew I had to face up to it. I checked the measurements on the costumes and confirmed that they were all too small for me. Damn it.

I spent days trawling through the internet trying to find a costume that would fit and I finally struck gold. One of the costumes went up to a size '18' and the measurements appeared to fit me. So we all ordered our costumes and I was so nervous about trying mine on when it arrived. I wanted to take it home and try it on in private, but everyone else was putting theirs on and screaming with delight at how funny they were. So I braved it... and it ended up being way too big for me!

I couldn't believe it, I had checked the measurements perfectly before I order it, but it was like wearing a tent. I have no sewing skills at all (and no interest in sewing) so I got AJ to take care of it for me and he ended up taking in about 4 inches from each side. How could the measurements be so wrong?

On the day of the party Connie and I got our makeup done and then we all did our hair and had cocktails while us girls got ready. It was so amazing to be involved with all the fun and silliness of dressing up. It was a fantastic party and I didn't really feel self-conscious about my size or my costume the whole time. This was up there with one of my biggest non-scale victories!

Of course I have some photos...

Me (right) and my two sister-in-laws posing as 1920's ladies

Me showing how my dress flaps, but really only demonstrating how my arm flaps!

AJ dressed as a gangster and me as a flapper

My two brothers

Me accidentally setting the birthday cake on fire...

Looking scared about the toxic drink I was being poured

No cup, no problem...

Then I gracefully pass out while everyone else stays up late and sings karaoke


  1. You must feel FANTASTIC! I too hate dress up parties with a passion. My cousin's 18th (10 years ago) was a superstars and legends theme. I had plans to go as Oprah but that fell through, so I was kinda Monica Lewinsky. Others at the party were Elvis, Kylie (in the white hooded onesie), Pamela Anderson, Sporty Spice and Baby Spice.

    Another cousin had a daggy dress theme, so thankfully that was easier.

  2. I love the dress, looks fantastic. You're all class and that is why I heart you - you may have passed out but how's the girl next to you with her knickers showing? priceless. Venue looks good too.

  3. AWESOME NSV. Last Halloween was my costume NSV. I always hated dressing up for this very same reason!!!! You look amazing. Keep having fun skinny girl!!

  4. You look amazing! Lucky AJ is handy in the sewing dept! LOL! Looks like an absolutely fabulous party. So glad you had an awesome time!!!


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