Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Major Diet Fail

I completely and utterly lost the plot this weekend. I lost all control with my eating from Friday night and I didn't stop until I was in an icecream coma on Sunday night. It seems that every time I get to my current weight I am plagued by two different kinds of self-sabotage.

Firstly I find it very difficult to break past 77 kilos. It is one of those numbers that my body seems to sit very naturally at and doesn't want to budge. I am wondering if the fact I didn't lose any weight last week messed with my head more than I thought. Maybe I decided that since I didn't break 77 kilos (yet again) that I should just give up.

The other thing I do is that I start to feel better about myself. I start to think that this weight is OK and I just want to go out and enjoy life and stop being a party pooper who says no to champagne and cake. Obviously there is nothing wrong with having confidence and feeling good in your body, but I know I just want to lose a little more weight and I don't want to give up so close to the finish line.

I always wondered if self-sabotage is a real thing when it comes to dieting. All I want right now is to get to my goal weight, so why would I possibly sabotage that? I have no idea, but I do know that this happens more than enough times to just be a coincidence. Or I am just a REALLY slow learner.

Strangely enough I am not beating myself up too badly for my terrible eating this past weekend. I know that slip ups happen (and will always happen for me) and that is OK as long as I pick myself up and keep going the way I know I should.

So far, so good this week.



  1. I too self sabotage once I get to a certain number. Its so hard when we are so close to keep pushing. We can do this. Thanks for this post, nice to know I'm not the only one struggling with this..

  2. Cutest image ever, that we can all relate to. Food Comas!! Stand up, wipe off your chin, dust yourself off, and lean into your good food choices. Kick the self sabotage to the curb. Be your own best friend, and prevent yourself from doing it again, but also from feeling guilty about it. You did it, own it, and move the fuck on, girl!! Chin up!!

  3. I do exactly the same thing. It is so frustrating! What is it about a particular number that makes our brains flip out? If you ever figure out how, please share :)


  4. I totally relate to the self sabotage. When I let my guard down I've gained 15 pounds, so I know I can't if I want to get back to my lowest weight. Don't fell guilty, just move on. You are doing so well - keep going!

  5. Self sabotage is a bitch to overcome! you are not a slow learner! I'm so glad you've moved on already & are straight back into it!!! Love you work missy!!!!!

    PS Go Catters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Tully, I don't usually comment on here but read pretty frequently :) I was just wondering - do you think perhaps you take some time to lose weight at 77kg because of excess skin? What I mean by that is that presumably the extra skin (congrats on booking your body lift btw!!) weighs a bit and so your actual weight would be lower than 77kg, so maybe that's why your body is so comfortable there, because it's closer to your goal weight than the scales are reflecting. Just a thought anyway, I don't know anything about all of this stuff!

  7. I totally understand, self sabotage is my biggest problem!
    Don't worry hun you will get there.


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