Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Weigh In - 28 September

Highest Weight: 129.7 kilos (285.3 lbs)
New Start Weight: 87.5 kilos (192.5 lbs)
Last Week: 76.7 kilos (168.7 lbs)
Today: 76.2 kilos (167.6 lbs)
Loss: 0.5 kilos (1.1 lbs)
Total: 11.3 kilos (24.8 lbs)
Goal Weight: 72.5 kilos (159.5 lbs)
Finally I see the scales go down again! I worked my arse off this week so that made seeing a loss even sweeter.
Once again, I let myself go a bit much on the weekend, but I did try very hard to rein myself in and not lose the plot completely. I think the fact that I managed to lose half a kilo means that I was kind of successful, but there is definitely room for improvement. I actually have a quiet weekend ahead so I am going to do my absolute best to make the most of it and hopefully see a new and exciting number on the scale next week- 75 kilos I am coming for you!

Even though Fridays are usually all about the scales for me, I do also have a little non-scale victory to share. Yesterday morning I decided to be brave and try on one of the dresses that I used to measure my size on. If it ever got too tight then I always knew it was time to cut the carbs a bit and ramp up the exercise. In June this year I also tried it on and could barely get it on, let alone get the zip done up. I was mortified because this was the dress I used to wear when I was feeling a bit plump because it hid lots of sins and now I couldn't even get it on (or off, but that is another story...). So I was extremely happy when I slipped it on and very easily did the zip up yesterday before work.

Put your sunglasses on because the shine on my forehead is dazzling!

Getting this dress on is just a start and now I have to work on the rest of those pesky items in my wardrobe that are taunting me with their size 14 and 16 tags. Not least the dress I just bought for Derby Day and will be required to zip up by the 3rd of November or else I will cause a scandal at the races by attending naked. I will be praying to the god of love handles that the dress zips up in 5 weeks from now. It's going to be touch and go...


  1. Wow the difference in the two pictures of you in the same dress is amazing.

    You are looking fab!

  2. Yee hah! Go chicken! Go chicken! I am so impressed! I remember writing a letter to my penpal when I was 12 and telling her that I was 76 kilos! That is a dream weight for me! I fully forgot to weigh-in Friday but will be joining you from now on! 70s here I come!

  3. Awesome work!!! If going to the races nekid isn't enough incentive for you......... LOL! Sooooooooo close to 75!!! Wooo hooo!!!!!!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!