Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1 Week Until Surgery

I guess by this time next week I will be on the operating table having my body lift surgery. It is freaking me out that surgery is so close now. When I put milk in my tea this morning the expiry date was well past my surgery date. So that milk will still be fresh when all my loose skin is removed from me. It blows my mind.

I spent the weekend making lists of things I will need to buy and pack for surgery. I really can't think of anything special I will need so I just picked up a few things:

  • Triangle pillow to help me sit upright at home
  • New pyjamas and slippers so I look cute in hospital
  • A big water jug for home so I can ensure I keep chugging my water
  • Benefibre... enough said
  • A nice smelling candle and oils for home to drown out my own stench if I can't shower for a while
What am I missing? Are the any must-haves I should pack for hospital?

The closer I get to surgery, the more my nerves are kicking in. So far I am not too nervous about the actual surgery, I am just worried that the surgery will be cancelled for some reason. I had a bit of a scare last week when I felt the signs of an oncoming urinary tract infection. I tried to tell myself that it was just menstrual cramping, but as it got worse I knew I had to see a doctor. I was in so much pain on Thursday night that I couldn't sleep, so I stayed up all night googling the implications of having surgery with an infection or having surgery while on antibiotics. I made an appointment with a doctor first thing on Friday and he confirmed the infection, but seemed to think there would be no problem with having surgery because the antibiotics he gave me will clear it up completely.

I'm also suffering from a bad case of the guilts. I feel guilty for taking 4 weeks off work to have the surgery. I feel guilty that people are going to have to help me so much when I am recovering. I feel guilty that I am spending so much money on myself. Of course I wouldn't feel as bad if it was for a 'legitimate' illness, but because it is elective surgery I feel like I am being selfish.

While I am stressing out here I may as well discuss my next fear. I am worried that I am too fat to have the surgery and when I get out I will still look fat. I was googling different abdominal surgeries over the weekend and everyone seemed so much skinnier than me in their before pictures. Am I crazy to think I was ready for surgery now? Am I going to be disappointed with my results?

OK, deep breath. Everything will be alright.


  1. Yes, everything will be allright and you are going to look even more amazing than what you do allready. Love the slippers!

  2. Relax Chick... everything will go well I'm sure of it. And NO .. you are not too fat! Silly girl.

  3. More deep breaths! I second Cinders!!! Please stop feeling guilty!!!! Hospital - laptop so you can let us know you are OK!!! for home........a bell to summon AJ LOL!!!

  4. Get yourself a nice lip balm for your hospital stay... you won't regret it. xxx

  5. i keep thinking about your surgery...even though i don't know you in person, i'm really excited for you :) you sound like you do alot for others...so i'm sure no one will mind looking after you for this short time :) all the best, this is very cool and i'm glad you are doing it xx

    ps. thank you for answering my rather person question a few posts back about which bits are being lifted. appreciate your honesty and sharing.

  6. Stop bloody googling!! You are having the surgery, you deserve it to help you look great & feel good about yourself.

  7. You deserve to live your fullest life. You have worked so hard and you are a lovely person! In no time you will be up and at it... just concentrate on the happy thoughts. You look fabulous right now, you deserve to feel fabulous too!!

  8. So excited for you and your surgery! Everything will be fine I'm sure! Try to relax. :)

  9. Elective surgery or not, it needs to be done. If it didn't need to be done, no doctor would allow you to undergo the anesthetic.

    What about an ipod and headphones or some other music source? Magazines for if books are too much? Face wipes to help you clean up without moving too much?


Awww thanks so much for the comment!