Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Weigh In- 19 October

Highest Weight: 129.7 kilos (285.3 lbs)
New Start Weight: 87.5 kilos (192.5 lbs)
Goal Weight: 72.5 kilos (159.5 lbs)

Last Week: 74 kilos (162.8 lbs)
Today: 73.6 kilos (161.9 lbs)
Loss: 0.4 kilos (0.9 lbs)
Total: 13.9 kilos (30.6 lbs)

I am at the airport about to catch an early morning flight to Hobart for a long weekend that I have been looking forward to for ages. Now that I have my body lift surgery in just over a month I am slightly nervous about going away for 4 days on a trip that was originally planned to be all about wineries and food. If I want to meet my Final 15 goal I really need to keep myself in check and not be a total glutton. Damn it.
I am constantly reading about other lap banders who go away on holidays and come back lighter, so surely I can aim to at least maintain my weight this week. AJ's hot tip is to wear tight jeans because it prevents you over-eating, but it doesn't tend to stop me much, I just bust open the top button... 
I'll try and (mostly) stick to a few simple rules that will prevent me going into full blown holiday (binge) mode:
  • No sugary drinks
  • No need to stop at every bakery I see for a cake
  • Just because breakfast in included at the hotel, it does not mean you need to eat 3 serves
  • Stick to fresh and local produce
  • Don't drink 2 bottles of wine every night
  • We have cheese in Melbourne, no need to eat all the cheese in Tasmania
  • Dessert is not necessary every night (I am nervous about this one!)
  • Don't buy junk food to keep in hotel room for late night nibbles
  • Walk, walk and walk some more


  1. Love your list! Still laughing at "we have cheese in Melbourne"!!! Enjoy yourself & totally agree with the walk walk & walk some more! And lots of water! That will help with the the bathroom LOL!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend - savor every moment - you deserve it!!!! xoxo

  2. I love checking in on your Friday weigh in posts every so often because there's always a huge drop from the last time I looked. Well done on getting to 73! If I saw 73kg on the scale I would cry with happiness.

    Good luck with food on your holiday. But enjoy yourself! You've done so well you deserve it!


  3. You're doing great! I love your plan, lol! Have fun!

  4. I'm new to your blog. Found you over at Facebook, noticing we have a few blog friends in common.

    I'm just at the beginning of my weight loss 'journey'. Starting at 113 in Late July/early August. I'm 16kgs down and really looking for some great, inspirational blogs to help me along the way. I feel sure already that yours is going to be one of them.

    Congratulations on how far you've come.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!