Monday, July 02, 2007

Non Scale Victory

I had a great NSV this morning. I put my winter jacket on this morning and for the first time ever I could button up all 3 buttons. Previously I have only been buttoning the middle button because it was the only one that closed, which looked terrible, but it was cold. In fact, I could only ever button that middle button in the mornings, by the time I left work and my body seemed to have expanded even more and none of the buttons would close.

This morning I was able to button all the buttons, it was quite tight and the buttons were gaping, but they were closed. I was wearing a thin jumper and if I had of tried to sit down I am pretty sure it would have split, but still a victory!

So now I just need to lose a few more kilos and it should actually fit me.


  1. OOO that's so neat, just don't pop those buttons before it really fits you mate! Doesn't it feel neat to feel things fitting better???

  2. Oh wow Tully, that's fantastic! [And great after you were feeling so Blah in your last post :-D] I'm so thrilled for you, yaaaay!

  3. Yeah! "New Coat"! Hopefully this is some more motivation to keep going...
    You can do it!

  4. It's amazing how three little buttons can impact a person. Good for you!

  5. Ha, i do the same thing with my jackets, none of them fit so I just do up the middle button to give my boobs a bit of support :P


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