Friday, July 27, 2007

Weigh Day

I weighed in this morning and the scales said I had lost 2 kilos the first 3 times I weighed myself, then 1.5 kilos the next 3 times I weighed myself. I am sick of this inconsistency on my scales, but either way I'll happily take either of those losses! I am going to count it as 1.5 kilos lost, bringing me down to 106.5 kilos.

It is strange, all week I have focused on seeing 107 on the scales and then the scale totally skips it and goes to 106- suits me though! Now I have 3 weeks to lose 3 kilos. It is doable, but I have to make sure I don't drop the ball.

Tonight is my break night and I can't wait. It has turned out to be very beneficial to have this day to look forward to because I have had a bit of a shit week at work and I would have broken my diet and pigged out for sure 15 times over if I didn't have this day to hold on for. Not sure what I am going to have, probably BBNT (Melbourne burger place, stand for Burgers, Burritos, Nachos & Tacos). I actually prefer Grill'd or Urban Burger, which are a couple of other nice burger places, but my flat mate is driving and he prefers BBNT. Who cares, I just want a burger and chips!

I think after we are going to go for a drive to visit my mum who is not very well and on the way get donuts from a drive thru donut place to take to my mum and gran and of course I might have one or two... I have been craving a pink donut like crazy because of all The Simpsons Movie posters and ads everywhere that feature that big pink donut- my absolute favourite! It is pretty sad when you start craving cartoon food!


  1. That's a great result! And I so know what you mean about having the splurge at the end of the week making the rest of the week more bearable. It's your carrot :-)

    Enjoy your burger! I reckon it'll taste much better tonight :-D [And boy, donuts!]

  2. That is an awesome loss Mate! Enjoy your break night!

  3. Yeah I love break day!! Looking forward to my own actually - SATURDAY!! Being that tomorrow is Friday I am alread drooling. Not sure what I will treat myself to, but don't you worry - I will find something..

    SO happy that you are doing so great! Keep us updated!!!

  4. Ooo I love skipping numbers!! Go you ... you're on fire!!
    I am actually on track at the moment too ....
    We tried the new pizza place tonight ... I chose my favourite pizza and had one slice with a huge salad ..... and no garlic bread!! I didn't feel like I missed out tho .... I actually felt like I had achieved something .... Then I remembered how much I love that feeling .... I would be happy to break the 90's again before the wedding .... I think it may happen!!

  5. Congrats!!! You're doing such an amazing job. Like Marshie said, you'll probably enjoy that burger even more tonight, and you totally deserve to lick the plate clean after all your hard work. That's a great idea having one cheat day. I think I should establish that myself!

    (Damnit, now I'm craving a donut. haha)

  6. We are going to see the Simpsons tonight. They are advertising a Simpsons pizza, pizza with hot dogs on it. Ugh...


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