Friday, September 28, 2007

Not Again...

So I jumped on the scaled this morning to see yet another gain... Not much, 100 grams, but that is more then enough when you are expecting a loss.

I got up every day this week at 6.30am and exercised for 30 minutes before walking to work. I know 30 minutes isn't that long, but considering I haven't done much exercise for a while I thought it would be a good way to ease my way into things. Plus I walk 25 minutes to work and 25 minutes back every day, so I count that as exercise too.

I am guessing the problem might be the carbonara I ate for lunch yesterday. I was having a shocking day, nothing out of the ordinary just the usual "I hate my job and everyone I work with" kind of day. I kept repeating to myself "Food will not help", but in the end I caved and had a lovely carbonara on Lygon st and a glass of red wine and you know what- it did make me feel better!

I am disappointed, but I am not going to let it upset me. Plus I have much bigger things on my mind...

My beloved Cats are playing in the AFL grand final tomorrow against Port Adelaide. I tried everything in my power to get tickets, but sadly to no avail. :-( So I might go down to the Geelong home ground, Kardinia Park, and watch the game with other Geelong supporters on the big screen.

It has been 44 years since we won a premiership and we have had a great season:
- We finished on top of the ladder
- Joel Selwood won the Rising Star
- Jimmy Bartel won the Brownlow
- Our VFL side won the grand final
Now we just need to put the icing on the cake!

GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm not a football fan at all, so I can't get excited with you there. Don't worry about the gain. You'll start to lose again soon. Recently, I learned that you can excercise 8 hours a day if you like, you won't lose weight if you are taking in too many calories. I hate the thought of working my arse off and getting nowwhere, so each time I see a tim tam, or a baked potato loaded with full fat sour cream, I think 'livy, you worked your guts out today, why bother if you are going to eat that?'.
    At one point of my tireless weightloss efforts before Kek, I was walking 6kms a day, in the stinking hot sun, at 85kgs, and didn't lose a damn thing. I later realize that not only was I probably overdoing the cardio, but my calorie intake was so high, I could have walked 12kms a day and it woudln't have made any difference.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the wine and cabonara though... Mmmmmmm... Wish we could beam ourselves up and all have lunch together one day, eat what we like, and be fit and muscular too. Damn, life is a bitch sometimes!

  2. I'm not a geelong supporter but Go Cat's! I really hope they win. They are kinda in the same boat as the Saints(who i barrack for) but we can't get into the grand final lol. So GO CATS :)

  3. Tully, 100g is NOTHING. Consider it a maintain! As I recall several Weight Watchers weigher-inners saying, "You could have peed that out!"

    I would personally look back on that carbornara and go "mmmm... it was worth it", especially since it did make you feel better on what sounds like you were having a terrible day.

    Go the Cats! They show the replays of it in the gym on Wednesday and I always watch it, cheer on the Cats and think of you :-D

  4. Keep it up, you're doing the right thing Tully ... you will see it on the scales next week ....
    And yes I could have squeezed out that 100gm gain!! lol

    Have a great week!!!

  5. hee, I was totally going to say 'next time go for a pee first' but then tw people beat me to it ;)

  6. I love football, but don't get to watch it enough. Sounds like you are doing pretty good with the exercise. It could be a lot worse. You are at least walking to and from work. This is really good. I wish I could do it, but unfortunately, my job consists of me traveling across the city constantly throughout the day. Keep up the good work.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!