Sunday, September 02, 2007

Spring has sprung

It is that time of year again... spring started yesterday, which means that summer is coming. We have had lots of sunny weather in Melbourne over the last week and it has given me a huge kick in the backside to get in shape before summer hits with a vengence.

To give you a particularly embarrassing/gross example of this is that I started getting a sweat rash under my stomach from the heat this week. I carry most of my weight around my middle (like most girls with PCOS) and in the hotter months it can get nasty under there. I have to use powder to stop the rash and it is painful and disgusting. I don't know if I can do enough to stop this happening again by this summer, but it is good inspiration anyway.

So there are about 12 weeks until summer and I intend to do some serious weight loss damage in that time. I am making a vow to be under 100 kilos by summer. If I can do this (when I do this) it will be the first time I have been under 100 kilos for summer in 9 years. I am not a big fan of the heat and I tend to gain weight in this time, rather then lose it like most people. This summer will be different.

Speaking of weight, I gained a ton of it on my holiday. I peaked at the scales last week and had gained a massive 5 kilos, now I have TTOM so it is only going to be worse. I think a lot of that will come off in the first week or two, there is no way I gained 5 kilos of pure fat! I'll do an official weigh in tomorrow.

Coming up over the next few months I have the following events that I want to get into shape for, most of which will require me wearing a dress or being in photos that will hang in my family house for the next 40 years:

My graduation from uni
My cousins engagement cocktail party
Spring racing carnivale- Melbourne Cup
My brothers wedding

I also have heaps of birthday parties and smaller events in the next few months as well, so it is going to be a huge challenge to lose weight as well enjoy myself at all of these events. I just need to accept that there are going to be days when I eat/drink more then I should, but the next day I just keep going and not beat myself up.


  1. Thankfully the weather here is going the other way around and it's finally getting cooler. I arrived a month ago in the peak of the Japanese summer and the walkk to school was killing me. Yay for you and your under 100 goal! Mid if I join you on that? I've been stuck around the same 5kgs for months now!

  2. I am not sure how tall is 163 cm, but it sounds very tall. I have to find a conversion chart. I guess 128.5 kilos is about 283 lbs which is a couple of pounds lighter than I am right now.

    If that is you in the photo, you look cute. Think positive! Summer can be tough for weight loss because the heat sucks your energy up, and you end up eating more to compensate. That's my theory (or excuse).

  3. You have some big events coming up - great motivation for you. I know that you can do it.

  4. Summer used to be a killer for me too, for exactly the same reason... the rash from hell! I used to get it under me belly and under me boobs... red raw and weeping for months... sooooo terribly sore and smelly! I used 3M cream (or it could have been called 3B) but it was primarily for rashes under the boobs belly and butt. It was the best I found. Losing the weight and having the tummy tuck ended my misery from the rashes... I hope you can do it too cos there is nothing worse eh?

  5. Ugh, sweat rash, I get that too and I can't stand it. I'm like you, I can't stand summer and find it incredibly difficult to lose weight. It gets far too hot to do any cardio during the day - and I'm constantly drinking ginger beer, lemonade and eating ice-cream to try and take my mind off the heat. [The fact that everyone else gets happy makes me grumpy too - I'm like Oscar The Grouch or something o_0]

  6. I also hate the summer months. It gets really hot and unbearable out here, but I am sure it is worse for me than others who are slimmer. Those events sound like great motivation! My tummy also hangs, and though I dont' get rashes, I do get a red mark when I excercise, I presume from everything slapping against each other!! I think I am finally so close the that layer of fat lifting, I am sure it's smaller. Let's make this summer the best ever with brand new bodies!!

  7. 12 weeks is still a long time, you could lose 12 kilos in that time if you set your mind to it, so it's definitely a good time for goals. There's lots of good things you can do in summer like swimming, walks along the sand on the beach, and early morning walks are lovely. Good luck with your goal!

  8. Ugh, I also suffer from the horrible belly rash. It's so miserable! Good luck with the goals for summer. I think you can do it!

  9. Thanks for the lovely comment!

    I want to be 100kg, so I'd love to join you on that goal... (preferably by the end of October). We can do it!! Especially with your graduation coming up!

    I am so glad summer is ending here - fall means routine and that means the end of random barbeques, ribfests and my severe laziness in the heat (for the most part).

  10. I hate the heat too!! I think the last few days of warmer weather is one of the reasons I am back on track with 100% mindset!!
    As for the rash I would get such bad rashes under my boobs that they would bleed!! (*ouch*).... I used to use powder all the time ...(my hubby called be 'powder puff' as I jumped into bed!) and the powder would make it worse ....just watch out for that, you could be causing more pain than necessary. (Mellisa's tip #2566) *giggle*

  11. Oh and 5 kilo gain?? Nahh I bet you are down by your official weigh in .... would have been fluid and what you were storing ..... And if it is 5 kilos .... my 8 beats your measly 5!!! lol


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