Friday, September 07, 2007

Official After Holiday Weigh In

I weighed myself this morning and I am back down to 103.9 kilos! I have changed scales recently and my new scales are about 1.5 kilos lower then my old scales, but I am pretty sure my new ones are more accurate. I wish losing 1.5 kilos was always so easy...

So I have 4 weeks until I got to Japan, if I can lose 4 kilos in that time I will be under 100 kilos before I go!!! It will be such a confidence booster to be under 100, I always feel so much better and more normal under 100 kilos.

I am so glad it is Friday! I still have to get through this day first though, I have so much work to do... Weekend plans: Shopping tomorrow, then to Geelong for a weekend with my old work mates there. Should be fun!


  1. Congratulations on the weigh in! I think it's a great morale booster, even if there is a discrepency between the scales, to see a lower number on your new ones (I was mortified the first time I stood on the gym scales; they show me being ~2kg heavier than my home ones, gah!)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. OOOOO JApan!!!! When did I miss you talking about going to Japan??? why are you going? How long do you go for? bla bla bla !

  3. Congrats on the travel opportunity! Sounds very fantastic! And another reason to succeed...

    I use my mom's 'lighter' scale (I don't think hers is more accurate, but it makes me feel better about myself.. hehe).

    And yay for losing the trip weight!

  4. Oh cool.... where do you work?? Any vacanties?? lol ..... I am lucky to get the fuel to go to the next town!! lol .... You're a lucky girl!!
    4 kilos ..... GO FOR IT!!!

  5. Yes - I am still jealous of your upcoming travels and so proud of you with your weigh in.

    You can reach your goal for sure.

  6. I know you can to this Tully if you set your mind to it! How fab will you feel going overseas being sexier than ever??

  7. Ohhhh Japan....lucky you!!!! Ggood luck on getting under 100 before you go!! How exciting!!

  8. Congrats!! That's great news about the weight loss. And can I go with you to Japan?! Soooooooo fun!

  9. I hope you enjoy Japan (I am so far!). Where do you work? It's so awesome that you're compasny would send you abroad.


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