Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hello From Bed

Just quickly checking in to say that my operation went fine, but it has been a bit more painful then I expected. I had a laparoscopy years ago and had barely any pain or side effects but this time I am bed ridden. They said they did 'the works' while they were in there on my uterus, bladder, ovaries and cervix and also removed endometriosis so I am guessing that is why this is so painful.

Strangely enough, the side of my stomach they took the endometriosis from is now really lopsided, it actually looks like they sucked a heap of fat from the right side of my stomach because it is now much smaller on that side. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet...

I have spent the last couple of days in bed and I still can't move without help. A friend stayed with me yesterday, but I am home alone today and a bit bored. I wish I had organised some food and a dvd player for my room. Lucky I have some great pain killers and sleeping tablets. I absolutely love pain killers, I barely ever take them, so they really hit me when I do. I think I could quite easily become addicted.

I did have one embarrassing fat person moment. Before you go into surgery you have to speak with about 20 different nurses and doctors who ask the same questions over and over again. One of the nurses asked me to get on the scales and it read 107 kilos, which was 8 kilos heavier then my paperwork from back in April showed. She just looked at me with a disapproving look and said "Have you gained weight?". Then she got a big piece of orange paper with the word "Issues" on it and and in big writing wrote "107 kilos!" and put it in my file to give to the surgeon. How bloody embarrassing.


  1. Glad to hear your surgery went well. Bummer about being so sore.

    The nurse with the orange paper needs a little bed side mannor training i think - regardless if it was an issue for the surgery, she didn't need to put you down when you were probably already feeling vulnerable (about to go into surgery). Some nurses really lack kindess & compassion these days!

    Hope you are feeling better soon & certainly well enough to be on the couch watching our game on sunday! Go Cats!!!!

  2. Owwwwwww! I hope you are feeling better soon and up and about again. How rude of that nurse to behave as she did - very unprofessional!! Sending lots of "heal quickly" thoughts your way :)

  3. Take care of yourself - have a macaroon or two to aid in the recovery ;-)

    And OMG to how that nurse behaved. I'd encourage you to write some form of complaint. If your weight really was a concern, there was no need for her to treat you that way; the same information could've been dealt with in a much more tactile, polite and purposeful manner.

  4. I think the words "bite me bitch" would have left my mouth ... hope you feel loads better soon! Lots of hugs!

  5. Hope your recovery is speedy. What a bitch nurse with her issues!

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon. And to the nurse. Karma.

  7. OMG... that nurse is the one with the issues! What a bitch! Remember honey, you've still lost more than 20kg, so feel proud, not embarrassed!

    Thinking of you, hope your recovery is speedy


  8. That nurse does not have issues, she is not a good nurse. You are moments away from surgery, and she pulls a stunt like this. And yes, you could have told her you lost 20 kilo's. let's see her top THAT.

    People in the medical profession can be so insensitive.

    Hop your mending process is non too unpleasant!

    Big big hug,


  9. Glad to hear that you're recovering well!

    The nurse obviously lacks in the sensitivity department. If the last paper shows me weighing less than I do now, it's pretty obvious that I've gained. It's not rocket science lady.

    I wish you nothing but a speedy recovery =)

  10. So glad you're going okay! And what's that nurse's problem? Sounds to me like she's the one with freakin' issues!

  11. That nurse is just a bitch! issues indeed! Hope you are feeling much better now chick.

  12. Really glad your surgery went well and you are on the mend.


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