Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ups and Downs

Thanks for all your cool comments on my last post about the hens night. You spurred me on to cancel the hotel and the topless bar guy and organise something where everyone can pay for themselves as they go. I got a bit panicked trying to find a venue that would host 10 drunk girls at incredibly late notice and have just now found the perfect solution. I booked us a private room at a karaoke bar. There is a new place in the city that is apparently a 'luxurious' karaoke venue where you get your own room until 3.00am and a waiter comes in and brings food and drinks as you order them. I think karaoke will be a good icebreaker too because none of us know each other- embarrassing yourself in front of people you don't know is the ultimate way to bond!

So what else has been happening... My brother moved to Canada last Sunday which was very sad. His fiance lives there so he is going over for a couple of years. Ultimately they both want to move back to Australia (for weather reasons!) but because of visa problems they have to stay in Canada. I would love to go and visit some time next year and travel across the US and Mexico as well. If only I could win the lottery...

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything lately, I just have so much to do and not enough time- I guess everyone feels like this. I am suffering from sleep deprivation that led to me dissolving in tears on my lunch break on Tuesday. Lucky I was sitting in the car so no one saw me as I am not usually one to cry about this stuff, but I just felt like everything was too much and I couldn't cope. My main stresses are work (as usual), money (my crazy debt is making me feel like I can't breathe), weight (none of my clothes fit and I can't find anything to wear to work) and about a billion little things that make me feel inadequate and like I am failing- like the fact I need to do my ironing, grocery shopping, change my sheets, call family, clean my shower, visit my gran in the nursing home, pluck my eyebrows, email friends, paint my toe nails, plan my up-coming holiday, do some exercise, wax my legs and pay my bills. None of those things are a big deal, but combined with the big things, my life feels out of control. I think I just need some sleep!

I don't want to be a huge downer, so in happier news:

~ It is 3 weeks and 1 day until I go to Hawaii
~ Geelong are playing in the pre-liminary finals tomorrow night- Go Cats!
~ My hair looks awesome today
~ There are only 10 working hours until the weekend
~ I am rocking low carb eating this week
~ I am starting to feel better from my op
~ My brother is having a great time in Canada and seems happy for the first time in years
~ A friend of a friend loaned me the first series of Gossip Girl

Life isn't that bad after all! :-)

Thanks again for all your comments, as usual, they really made a difference.


  1. Thank goodness you've got the hens night sorted! Well done!!!

    Am glad you've been able to spot some positives despite feeling weighed down. Sometimes i find it hard to just breathe when I put myself so under the pump.

    Can you try shaving your legs today, plucking your eyebrows tomorrow & changing your sheets on saturday???

    Yay for a great hair day & rocking your low carb eating plan. :0)

    Carn the Cats!!!!!

  2. Bloody hell, take a deep breath girl! What a list of "To do's"... one thing at a time mate...

  3. Fab choice on the karaoke! I know girlfriends of mine totally adore the kind of place you mean. Let us know how it goes.

    It's the little things that pile up and oppress us - and you getting over a rather nasty op doesn't help! Relax, how important is a clean shower in the grand scheme of things?

  4. lol Tully, had to laugh when I read one of the good things was your hair looking great. I recently said this exact thing to a guy I work with and his response was one of total shock and disbelief as he said "who ever thinks about whether their hair looks good or bad", hello duh dude, only every women ever to exist, (not every day but on a fairly regular basis) he couldn't get over this new found piece of info and has since walked into the staff room and said 'your really kidding me about the hair thing arn't you,'. (in his defense he is young, boy is he in for a shock when he gets a girlfriend or wife, lol).

  5. Glad to hear the hens night is sorted. Sorry to hear about the feeling down, though =/ It sucks when things pile up and it all just seems hopeless. You'll get through it, though.

    And dang, Hawaii? Awesome!

  6. Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog!
    I threw a party at a karaoke club for my daughter a few years ago. It was perfect because we had food and entertainment - our own awful singing!

  7. Ditto on the hen night, I'd imagine it was a fairly stressful worry just organising, let alone the money issue, good choice!

    As for your holiday I'd say just do your best to be on plan and exercise until then. It may only be a short time, but imagine how much better you'll feel if you get their having eaten right and exercised and feeling somewhat in control of yourself mentally (even if you don't see much difference on the scale, though 5lbs is better than nothing) than if you don't. It's never too late, just keep that in mind.

  8. I am in the same space.

    I am ignoring the bills cos they scare me, haven't plucked my eyebrows, had a hair cut, shaved my legs for weeks. Need to just drop my bank account number into office to get a special needs disability allowance of $40 a week for Phoebe, back paid to start of August. I'm getting fatter. I am overwhelmed. I wanted to cry in the supermarket because I couldn't be arsed budgeting.


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