Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wake Up Call

Oh dear. I just decided to get up and wanted to put on something loose and comfortable. So I got a skirt that was falling off me last summer and guess what? That's right, I can barely get it on.

Wake up call well and truly received. There is still time before summer. Time to get serious because I want that skirt falling off me again by summer. I am back on the low carb as of this second. No more eating chocolates from bed.

Does anyone else get sick of hearing me say the some shit over and over again? I know I am sick of myself.


  1. Well you and me both ... I am tried of hearing myself talk too ... time for action my friend ... let's do it!

  2. You can send me the chocolates if you like :D They won't go to waste :D

    I don't think anyone's sick of anything. We just want to see you happy.

  3. What you say is of no real consequence. Its what you do with your new drive that matters.

    Having said that, if you need to tell yourself over and over again the same thing and it works then go for it!

  4. sick of hearing you say it? heck no. I've done it a million times myself. If anything at least it means we still have hope to succeed ... one of these times we'll make it.

  5. Not sick of you saying it... I have thought it a thosand times.. most of us have.. you are just being honest!

    But, when you are at your goal weight, you will remember 'that' moment that was the final catalyst that made you lose weight for once and for all...

    Each day, little choices that you make will get you there.. that extra walk, no extra sugar... each decision will help..

    Goodluck and can't wait to see the results.

  6. There's nothing like the thought of warm weather to get the motivation levels high. You can do it! :)

    Hi, I'm Lauren by the way and have jsut started reading your blog.

  7. Tell me about it, I just wrote a "oops, I forgot to exercise for three months" post. Again. Sigh.
    Now of course the plan is that that will be the last time I ever write that, but I guess never know when you write it.

    And thanks for asking if I was ok. I was - just ignoring my blog. And my scales, and my gym and getting much to well acquainted with the local takeaway shops. It was nice to find that someone had checked up on me while I was gone.

  8. Oh honey ..... I am the same as you!! I don't get sick of you saying it .... I get sick of ME saying it!!!!! ;(

  9. I have a lot of ways to keep denying my weight gain and the need to get back on track. My best one is to not weigh myself. Another is not to read any weight loss centred blogs such as yours!
    Anyway, I am back to being an avid reader.

    Take care. Nic


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