Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Cheer

I know there a lot of dedicated bloggers out there who are in the zone over Christmas, but I am not one of them. I must say that I am having fun enjoying the good food and alcohol that is so abundant at this time of year. More than that, I can relax and enjoy the parties and events without stressing about how I will 'get through it' without over indulging.

I am looking forward to the new year and the opportunity for a fresh start and to set some goals for my future. I know I could start now, but I really don't have the time or inclination. Case in point, I am eating cold tim tams from the fridge as I type this...

It is a shame that I am catching up with so many family and friends when I am feeling so fat and awful, but I am just telling myself that they won't recognise me by next Christmas!


  1. If you have tim tams, you gotta do the tim tam slam!

  2. I have decided to not give a shit over the holidays either... next year will do for starting again I reckon. Happy indulging I say!

  3. I'm with you there girl! I thought the same way (about starting now) but if I indulge over Christmas (which I intend to do) and then only have small losses to start with i'm worried about what it would do to my motivation - so it's a new year start for me too!

    Enjoy the Christmas cheer knowing it will be the last you'll be this size!

  4. New Year New Start...Good luck, have a merry Christmas

  5. Enjoy your birthday and Chrissy, and can't wait to party with you on New Years!! :)

  6. you are in the zone!

    the zone of living.

    Ill spare you my rant but the short version is Im there with ya.

    life is short.

  7. It was as though I wrote that post. I feel your pain :(
    I am starting a blog again soon too .... 2009 will be the year I kick some big arse!!!


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