Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Weekend Extravaganza!

Every December I have what I call my 'Christmas Weekend Extravaganza!'

It will start tonight when I take my gran to the church Christmas lights festival and then for pancakes. I'll then get up nice and early on Saturday morning and go to the local shopping mall and do all of my Christmas shopping. I hope to be finished by lunchtime and then I'll go to see whatever Christmas movie is playing, this year it is Four Holidays, and eat copious amounts of popcorn. Then I finish the day off with a picnic at the local Carols By Candlelight where I sing Christmas carols with the kiddies.

On Sunday, I plan to wrap all my Christmas presents and put them under the tree. When I recover from my food hangover from the day before, I start my Christmas baking. Of course a chronic dieter can't have too many Christmas goodies in the house, so I then force it all on other people. This year it will be the poor unsuspecting oldies at my grans nursing home. I am making Christmas Tree shaped sugar biscuits and mini chocolate coated Christmas puddings (some out of fruit cake, some out of mud cake). Of course I may just have to taste test a few of these before I give them away...

Don't worry, I am not this cheesy in my everyday life, Christmas just brings it out in me. I'll leave you with some pictures of my tree set up in my lounge room.

*Also, this is my 200th post and it is totally non-weight loss related, oh well...*


  1. Christmas! I'm setting up my Christmassy stuff this weekend, but I wish I had a proper tree. I found a little one but it won;t be the same. I am determined to get some decorations up this year though, I didn;t last year and it just wasn't right.

  2. Wow, you really get into the Christmas spirit :D We don't even have a Christmas tree :D

  3. Firstly, your tree looks beautiful!! I love the way you get into christmas!! We love it here too ... having 3 kids I have no choice!! *giggle* I personally think that there is so much shit going on in the world that if I can keep a little bit of magic in my house I am a happy mummy!!
    This year especially ... My baby is 3 and a half and really knows about Santa and the magic that he brings!!
    I can even bribe him with ringing Santa if he is naughty!! Love it!!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy!! xx

  4. Oh I love your place! Hope you have fun with your gran. I have not even thought about Christmas shopping yet ... yikes!

  5. Wow! your lounge room is so tidy! not that i expected it to be messy, just very tidy in comparrison to mine :0)

    Gorgeous tree. I usually love christmas & get right into it. But this year haven't felt it yet. I haven't put up my tree & i'm not even wearing my santa hat to our christmas party this year!

    Good luck with the Christmas shopping!

  6. Long time reader - just popped in to say, Merry Christmas, you sound just like me I love Christmas!!!!!!!

  7. I'm with you on the baking! This weekedn there will be much, much baking of gingerbread, including several gingerbread houses :)

  8. This is my worst ever year of pre Chrissie hoo ha. I haven't even got a tree yet, nor got out the little fibre obtic Xmas Tree/Advent Calendar that I have. It has 24 drawers at the base and they all have a mini Xmas decoration in them and the kids take a turn each night placing one on the mini tree and by Xmas it is loaded and looks Awesomea Bin Laden!!

  9. Oh what a lovely Christmas ritual - hope you enjoyed every moment of it. I couldn't imagine getting all my Christmas shopping and wrapping over and done with in such a short period of time. I start shopping at the sales in July and I think I officially finished today ... lol

    Your tree looks beautiful - have a wonderful Christmas.


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