Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Highs and Lows

Today is the last day of 2008 and my two year blogaversary so it is a perfect time to reflect on the year that was.

Wow 2008 has been a year of highs and lows for me- often at the same time. I can't say it has been the best year for me, I have made a lot of mistakes and had some low times but I think I have learnt a lot from it all and I know the things I have learnt will make for a much better 2009.

I started a new job (technically in December 2007)...
This was a huge opportunity for me and has been the most overwhelming experience of my life. It has taken me to London, Singapore, New Zealand (twice) and about 15 interstate trips. It has involved me giving speeches at launch parties, gala dinners, cocktail parties and endless lunches. It has been the most overwhelming experience of my life and I was completely unprepared. It has caused me so much stress and I have worked so many hours that I developed an eye twitch, lost a lot of hair and gained a stack of weight.

I graduated from uni...
I graduated from my Masters in Publishing after many years of studying. I am glad to be done with studying, I have always used study as a hiding place. I always go back to it when I get scared and feel lost, but I dont think I need it anymore.

I got down to my lowest weight ...
I felt absolutely fabulous at this weight and couldn't have been happier. I feel like the person I want to be at this weight and I just don't know why I can't stay there.

I attended my 10 year high school reunion...
I would never have gone if I hadn't lost weight and I am glad I did because I had so much fun. I wasn't exactly popular during high school, so it was great to go back and release some of the demons I had about the way I was treated.

I spent the month of May in Europe...
I had two weeks in Oxford for work, then a week in Rome and a week in Paris for holidays. I have wanted to go to Europe since I was a little girl and was one of those things I held back on because of my weight so this was truly a dream come true.

I moved house...
I moved from the inner city to the suburbs and I kind of hate it. I feel really isolated out here and I am finding it really hard to catch up with friends. I also have to leave for work at 6.30am now because of the traffic and I am not a morning person. I can't wait until my lease is up so that I can move back to the city!

Geelong lost the grand final...

I had an operation...
It was a simple operation, but I got an infection and took a couple of weeks to recover. It was weird to take two whole weeks off work, but I must say I almost enjoyed the break!

I went on holidays to Hawaii...
This was the best holiday ever! I had an absolute ball and wish I was back there right now. Sometimes it takes true happiness and relaxation to realise how unhappy you are in the rest of your life.

I re-gained all the weight I lost over the past 3 years...
This deserves a whole post on its own. I really thought I would never come back to this weight, I really thought I had changed. It is devastating to me that I have let this happen again.


  1. Wow, what a year!

    I'm sorry about the weight gain -- that is a bummer. You did it once, though, and you can do it again!

  2. Oh my GOsh! WHat a year!

    Happy And Healthy 2009 !

  3. Sounds like you had a fun, crazy, stressful, and overwhelming year. I hope that 2009 is just as rewarding and maybe a little weight loss too. I hope you don't mind me posting - found your blog jumping around and have enjoyed your posts.

    Happy 2009!

  4. That's heaps - hope 2009 is all you want it to be.

  5. My year has involved a hell of a lot of weight gain also. It's devastating to look back on the photos of old and realise what has happened. We also both turned 28 in the last couple of weeks.

    I hope 2009 treats you well babe. You deserve it.

  6. I'm with you on the weight gain :( .... But not for long!!
    You definately have had a high and low year ....
    Here's to 2009!!!!

  7. Happy Bloggiversary!

    It wouldn't be life without some ups and downs :) 2009... time to shine :D

  8. What a year you have had! I think anyone would have struggled to cope with all those ups and downs, so don't be hard on yourself sweetheart. 2009 is going to be great!!

    Lots of love

  9. Wow - you definitely had quite an exciting year. As to the weight gain, recognise it and move on, you've proven you can do it and now it's time to do it again - focus on how it felt when you lost that weight, it will give you your greatest motivation. Happy 2009!


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