Friday, March 07, 2008

30 Kilos Gone Forever

This morning I weighed in to an 800 gram loss for the week which takes me down to 98.1 kilos and means I have now officially lost 30 kilos (66 lbs). It has taken me over two years to lose this weight, but it has been worth every second of blood, sweat and tears (literally!) to get to where I am now.

Sometimes I don't feel any different since I lost the weight, but then I stop and think about all the things in in my life that I can do or have become easier since I have lost weight and can see what a dramatic change it has been.

Off the top of my head here are just a few:

• Run 30 metres to get to the tram
• Paint my toe nails
• Dry myself after showering
• Sleep without feeling such a weight on my chest
• Put my bra on
• Car seat belts always fit now
• Crouch down and get back up again
• Go to a sports stadium and fit on the seat and through the turnstiles
• Walk in between cars in a car park
• Cross my legs
• Sit up straight and walk with my shoulders back
• Eat in public without feeling as judged or be able to say to friends or colleagues that "I am Starving" without feeling like a pig
• Travel on a plane
• Feel entitled to have a seat on the tram
• Catch myself before I fall over (though not always...)
• Find clothes to fit- it was getting to a point where the plus sized clothes weren't fitting me
• Go swimming in public
• Stopped getting a sweat rash under my stomach
• Go to the hairdressers without feeling worried about the cape fitting me or laying back to get my hair washed
• Have enough confidence to laugh at myself instead of being embarrassed of myself all the time

The biggest thing of all is that I have stopped being scared of life. Now when it is a friend's birthday, a family event of a work function I don't stop cold and wonder what I can wear, if the seats will break or what people will think of me. Instead I am embracing life and excited for what the next challenge will be. Here is to the next 30 kilos and the adventures I will have between now and then!


  1. Oh Tully! Girl, look at how far you've come! I went through your list and wanted to give you the biggest hug for every single bullet point. I reckon we get so driven by the scales and whatnot that we don't look at the way our lives and changed, and just look at how much your life has changed too! It reminded me of when I saw someone across the carpark and waved to them and ran between two parked cars to go see them - 7 years ago, I wouldn't have been able to do that.

    I'm SO proud of you and how far you've come. {{{BIG HUGZ}}}

  2. **30** Kilos!!! Good on you Tully!! You must be feeling fantastic!?!
    I need to get back on track .. you have inspired me not to hack into the cake in the fridge at smoko!! I bow to you oh healthy one!! *giggle*
    Have a great weekend, hope the girls night out is spectacular!!!

  3. Congratulations you amazing woman! Doesn't it feel spectacular? I love the fact that you are not scared of life anymore ... that is one thing I am excited for ... to stop living in fear of the fact that I am fat. So thanks for being an inspiration. Plus I love your list ... know a few things on it well! Hugs!

  4. Congratulations on your loss. It must feel fantastic :) You should be so proud of yourself

  5. Woohoo!!! That's fantastic. Slow and steady wins the race indeed... your list is absolutely fabulous. Congratulations!

  6. HUZZAH! Such a great post!
    To the next 30 kilos!

  7. Wow, that's extraordinary. Very impressed.... and more than slightly jealous.

  8. Well done Tully... An amazing achievement... keep up the fantastic work.... it is soooooo worth it girl!!!!

  9. Look at that LIST!!!! WOW! That is a whole lot of changes... God for you!
    I think that you should post that list in a REALLY BIG FONT somewhere in your house so you see it all the time and remember how far you have come. It's hard when it's gradual, because we don't even see some of the changes until we look back like you did. BUT... it will last forever because you took your time and did it the right way!!


  10. This is a great achievement. Well done!!! I love your list of things that you can now do. Helps to remind me that every pound counts.

  11. Congratulations! What an achievement, you are doing great. Keep up the good work.

  12. wooohooo! 30 kilos is amazing girl. Just to put it into perspective make sure you try picking up that weight the next time you are at the gym. You'll c jus how far you've come. Now I better get my butt into gear cause I am stuck at 37 kilos lost and I still have about 10 additional ones to lose and I don't want you catching me, so it's on! lol.
    Keep up the great work. K.

  13. Congrats, that is just awesome!!
    Your list of things you can do now is very inspirational and motivational as well!! [[HUGS]]

  14. Congrats, that is just awesome!!
    Your list of things you can do now is very inspirational and motivational as well!! [[HUGS]]

  15. Sorry, i accidently double clicked the button lol

  16. I can relate to so many things on your list - I hope to get to the point where they arent an issue for me anymore...

  17. *cheers*

    This feeling is so fresh to me (26kilos last year) and I mentally ticked off those points in my head too. I get you when you say you sometimes don't feel the changes but then you get a glimpse of your life and how it used to be and things seem so much clearer.

    Imagine life after the NEXT 30 kilos? Unstoppable.

    My favourite part of this post was when you said you aren't scared of life anymore. That is the biggest reward you could have ever given yourself.


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