Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not Again

I have just eaten 3 pieces of caramel slice and I feel ill. I am at a conference in Perth and they are about to serve lunch and despite the fact I am already stuffed I am looking at the sandwiches thinking they look good.

So suffice to say, I have lost the plot. I indulged over the weekend because I was spending it with friends and family. Then I flew to Perth and attempted to get back on the wagon right away but the room service and mini bar call was too strong.

I am quite scared because I worked my arse off to get into shape for my reunion and we all know what happens when you lose weight for an event- you gain it all back (plus more) straight after. I have done this every time I have gotten under 100 kilos and I am worried it is going to happen again- in fact it already is!

It sounds easy enough to just stop, but I have this strange compulsion to keep eating. I know this is because I have deprived myself of so much lately that now that I have opened the floodgates I am drowning.

3 small steps to get back on track...

Step 1: Don't over-eat at lunch

Step 2: Find somewhere healthy(ish) to eat for dinner

Step 3: No chocolate from the mini bar tonight


  1. I don't sound preachy, but I *really* think you are in need of a non-scale goal. Those steps are great, but the moment that you 'fail' on one, I know you'll beat yourself up, since you hold yourself to very very high standards.

    Hope you're doing okay otherwise - I'll pop you an email soon :-)

  2. I feel your pain chookie ... *giggle*
    So anymore stories about your night out??? LMAO!! You are a bad girl Tully!!

  3. If you need someone to distract you from the mini-bar, just send me an email. I know you can keep going, you just need to get through the first hurdle.

  4. Now, I don't wanna sound preachy either, but there must be a reason that you freak out every time you get below 100 kg. Can you think what it is? If you know, then you have the power to face it, challenge it and defeat it, or at the very least not have it work against you.

    (Hi, I'm new - love reading your blog, by the way - nice to have the Australasian sector represented!) :)

  5. I can't really say much but that I know what you're going through, and I've done it many times myself.

    Hang in there!

  6. hihihihi. I am kinda excited in a weird kinda way to get back into the swing of things on April 1st. Love the purple lip picture by the way - looks like a good time had by all!

  7. I'm feeling your pain. I too always put on after I hit the double digits. A friend of mine recently told me that I have an issue with 99kg!! So I booked myself into a counsellor today, start April 18th. I am going to deal with the head shit and see if we can't just get the flippin ball rolling!!

  8. P.S. Hey Tully. Not sure if you got my email or not. It was just asking if I could use a photo of you for my latest video. A few frames are of a collage of some people who read my blog, and I really want to put you in it. I'm not using names or anything. And a bunch of other people have said yes (like Marshy, for example :D). And, well, I've kind of already put you in it and it looks really good with everyone in, but if you really want I can take you out of it.

    So... let me know, otherwise, thanks :D

  9. I'm right there with you. The combination of just achieving a goal and life throwing a curve ball and I feel like I'm holding on to this dieting thing by my fingertips. This has happened before, many times, and I've generally gone for the "if I ignore it, it's not really happening" version of dealing and I gain the weight back. Currently all weightloss goals are off, apart from "don't gain it back"!

    Good luck.

  10. Sorry you are having such a hard time of it. :(


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