Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Skinny Clothes

I have my 10 year high school reunion on this weekend so I went shopping to find something to wear last Sunday. I went to my usual 'fat shops' (Myer, City Chic and Autograph) with no success. I was starting to worry so I decided on the off chance that I would try the 'skinny shops'. I looked in a few with no success, then I went to Jeans West and I nearly died when I saw they had jeans in a size 20! I also noticed a beautiful black lace top that seemed quite large. I tried them on and could hardy believe it when they fit.

The disclaimer on this is that the jeans are very tight and I have been wearing them to try and stretch them out. I googled how to stretch tight jeans and came up with spraying them with water and doing squats while wearing them, and I must say it does seem to be working. The top only fits because it is a very loose fit, there is no way that the other tops in the shop would fit me just yet. So I wouldn't quite say I am able to shop in skinny shops just yet, but I am getting close.

Despite this, I am so excited to be able to wear normal looking clothes that I like. The jeans are the perfect length for me, I have been finding lately that all fat shop pants I buy are literally 6 inches too long for me and I would need to wear them over my boobs for them to sit at the correct length. Not only that, they were reasonably priced ($60 for the jeans and $40 for the top) when I usually pay $90 for a plain top or $120 for pants alone. School reunions can be stressful enough, so I am just glad that I can at least feel comfortable in what I am wearing.

I am going back home to the country for the reunion on Saturday morning and I'll stay with my high school best friend who has just bought a house in the area. The reunion is Saturday night and I am sure we'll hit the town after the dinner. Then I'll go to my dad's for Easter Sunday and stay the night at his place and go home to the city on Monday. Then Tuesday I am off to Perth for work for the week which I am excited about because I have never been there before and I have always wanted to go. I got a dress from Myer to wear to the launch party I am hosting in Perth for $16!!! It was already half price and then had a further 75% of the already reduced price. It was too big up the top so I have had to have it altered at a cost of $60, so it isn't so cheap anymore, but still a bargain I think!

I've just realised this is a big boring brag post, so I better leave it there before I jinx myself!


  1. Girl, you have every right to be bragging :-D We better have photos of you in your new skinny jeans! :-D

  2. Hooray! Don't feel bad about bragging- there's nothing wrong with bragging! Yay for cheaper clothes, that in itself makes it all worth it.

    And yay for Perth! Hopefully it won't be horrible weather or something like that. It was pretty windy this morning, but otherwise the weather's been pretty great for a while now :)

  3. Oh yay, that is so exciting sweetheart! I agree with Marshy and Amanda, you have every right to brag, you should be so proud of yourself! :)

    Do you ever try Katies for clothes? They go up to xxl in some things and I'm just starting to fit back into their tops. And their clothes are usually nice, too. Might be worth a try?

    Make sure you take lots of pics of yourself all dressed up... we want to see!

    Have a great Easter and lots of fun in Perth :)


  4. BRAG GIRL! You put in the effort, you are getting the results, it's your right to brag.

    As Dietgirl says, Its such an Aussie thing to think we are up ourselves or conceited if we brag. You have a weight loss blog and have acheived some terrific, healthy results and we are all cheering you on and being motivated by your success. Observations such as fitting into smaller clothes certainly isn't bragging, it's a factual observation, so there :P

    Hope you have a beautiful time in Perth and a Happy, happy easter.

    Pictures please!

    Brooke, thats really interesting because I have NEVER stepped foot into Katies, thinking they only had up to 16. Thanks for that.

  5. Oh brag away ... it is fun to hear about someone else's accomplishments! And you better post some pics of you in those jeans ... looking fab! Have fun at the reunion!

  6. You go girl... Brag away!!! You deserve it!!
    And yes... photos please!!!! SOunds like you are going to have an awesome weekend!!! enjoy it!!

  7. Yeah!!!! Good for you. I hope you have a wonderful time!!!

  8. Oh that is such a great feeling isn't it??!! Fitting into smaller sizes than you expect to.

    Have an awesome weekend!

    Miss Pinky

  9. Oooooh i could of told you that!! I remember the day I found Jeans West, I was soooo over the moon that the styles would fit me!!!!

    Also Katies has a pretty good range as well, I used to live in Katies clothes for ages, I HATED shopping at autograph!!!


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