Monday, March 03, 2008


Last Friday night I went shopping for something nice to wear out and I couldn't find anything at all. All of the winter knits have come in and there is not much around that isn't jumpers and trackies. That is not to say I am not glad to see the back of strappy tops and short skirts that look ridiculous on me- not to mention the fact that summer is finally over (not that it feels like it just yet...)

The good news is that I am finally officially a size 20. For a while I have fit into some 20's and some 22's, but now every 20 I try on fits. I even have a couple of 18's that I wear, but I wouldn't say that I am 18 at all just yet. So I thought I could try and buy something from ezibuy because they go up to a size 20, so I measured myself and checked it against their measurements and I am so far off fitting into a 'skinny' size 20 it is ridiculous. I am glad I checked my meausrements before ordering because their clothes won't be fitting me any time soon!

Then I had to buy pantyhose and of the dozens of brands there was one brand for plus size women. The plus size brand came in 2 sizes- super large and super extra large. Why do they need to have such insulting sizes? Why not have small and medium or size 1 and 2? Just another reason it sucks to shop when you are fat!

Woohoo Sheridan just got kicked off The Biggest Loser, that will make the show slightly more watchable. Though people keep telling me that I remind them of her which is quite worrying.


  1. Yahoo @ Sheridan being voted off. The tantrums were a little too much. But, I will say this, I thought her exit was graceful and dimplomatic. She could have spun some horrible words back but chose not to. She did look great also in the 'now' snapshot. Kudos for that.

    Onto hosery. I buy all mine online from America. It generally takes 8-10 days but I love the choice I have. Suspenders, stockigns with the seam up the back and just plain ol tights. MUCH cheaper than the ones at Myers too although the cheap ones in the supermarket are ok day to day.

    The ones I buy in Australia though do have the Size 1 and Size 2 labels and not the super tags. Much nicer.

  2. Wow, those sizes are brutal. Insulting indeed. Congrats on fitting in a size 20. I still don't know what my actual size is, depending on cuts everything is different, but the good news is that we are getting smaller. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great week,
    Not sure who sheridan is is that the aussie biggest loser? K.

  3. oh my god, pantyhose is the worst! i hate how the elastic waist cuts in my stomach like a choker!

  4. Pantyhose... shit ain't worn them since high school... I agree, sizings should be labelled 1,2, 3 etc.. it is insulting what they put on them for sure!

  5. I think the one size that I hated the most was being a 17. A what now? It's 'too small for a plus size 16, but too big for a mainstream size 16.' The difference between the sizing is ridiculous! I'd much prefer a standardised sizing system over vanity sizing any day.

    As for pantyhose - the ones I used to buy when I was at school came in S, M, L and OS1 and OS2, meaning 'Oversized 1' and 'Oversized 2'. I appreciated the abbreviation, since the full word made me sound like a boat or some cargo! o_0

    [and congrats on the size 20! :-D]

  6. Woohoo on the size 20!
    I think i'll always buy my clothes on Ebay, regardless of size. It's like one big lucky dip! lol

    I kinda liked Sheridan, and i was looking forward to watching her and Michaels little love affair develop. He'll be a big mess on the show tonight!

    Do you go to the biggest loser forums? I put a post on there called "Long Lost Brother?" because Michael looks remarkably like my husband. So like him, it's scary!


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