Monday, October 05, 2009

Footy Grand Final

I may have mentioned one or two times that I am a big Geelong supporter and have been thrilled that they have made the grand final the last three years and I have celebrated and commiserated over the past couple of years. This year both my brothers are in Canada, so I went home to the country to my dad's house to watch the game with my family there. I was actually meant to catch a flight to Cairns that day, but as soon as Geelong beat Collingwood in the finals, I was on the phone to Qantas to change my flights!

I was so nervous during the game that the drinks went straight to my head and I made a bit of a cock of myself. Let's just say there a few extended family members I will be avoiding this Christmas. AJ even got some photos of my dad holding my hair back while I vomited... they were immediately deleted. But who cares, I had fun and Geelong won, so it was an awesome day!

My dad lives 3 hours away and my flight to Cairns was re-scheduled for 9.30 am the next day, so AJ volunteered to drive me to my dad's and back home again that day. He is so lovely and knew how much I wanted watch the game with my family (who are huge Cats fans) and that I would need some drinks to calm my nerves. I think I was still drunk on the flight to Cairns the next morning, but was well and truly hung over by the time I got there and had to move heavy boxes at a conference. It was fair to say I wanted to die and I was treated to a lovely 2 day hang over.

But who cares, because we won!

Me with the Cats flag outside my dad's house

The boys playing footy at half time

AJ and his lucky footy

Celebrating the win

I got so excited after we won that I tried to put on my brothers old footy jumper, um no, didn't fit...

Me and my dad. Dad was putting wood on the bonfire, not just waving wood for no reason.


  1. that's a beautiful, happy post babe!

    i love to see you smiling like that, genuine glee!

    you are doing so well darls, be pleased and proud of your progress.


  2. Woohooo Carn the Cats!
    I nearly had a heart attack in the last 10 mins, far out
    (I too got a tad too drunk, doh).
    The photo of you and your Dad is really cute :)


  3. Tully your looking fantastic! Glad to see you had a good night. Congrats on the win :)

  4. A/ You look beautiful.

    b/ you look gorgeous

    c/ You're hot

    d/ you're so happy

    e/ start back at the top.

  5. Aw, I thought this was gonna be about the NRL grand final :D But that's awesome you had a fun time, and your team won! WOOT!

  6. You're face is tiny Tully :) I was thinking about you during the final - glad they came through for you x

  7. Oops to getting drunk: I had to laugh when you mentioned avoiding a few family members at Christmas.. think we've all been there as some time.
    You look so happy and it's lovely to see. The jumper shot was a giggle too. Lovely post!!!!

  8. So I have looked through your archives in the past to find out more about your relationship with AJ....could there never be anything more than friendship? he's cute... ;)

  9. Glad you had a good day. How cool is your dad to hold your hair for you:)

    However, being a West Coast girl myself, I can't really be pleased about Geelong winning anything.....:)

  10. Thank you for my morning LMAO!!

    You are looking great, and yeah, what is up with AJ?!?

  11. See, I always liked AJ, but now I love him - he's a tigers supporter as WELL???


Awww thanks so much for the comment!