Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sticky Situation

I have been dreading the first time I would get something stuck in my band while in the presence of other people. I have been really careful up until now with the kind of foods I will eat in company because I am petrified of getting stuck in front of someone else. For instance, I was having drinks at a friends house on Friday night and she kept offering to order pizza or chinese for dinner and I refused because I knew that there would be a good chance of getting that sort of food stuck-- especially when I am drinking and not being quite as careful as normal.

Then yesterday AJ and I went to Daylesford to meet my dad and step mum because they had a holiday house there for the weekend. We spent hours in their outdoor hot tub in the steaming hot water while it was icy cold outside. Then we got dressed up to the nines and went to the Lakehouse for dinner. I have been wanting to go to the Lakehouse for years and it was just as spectacular as I thought it would be, just one little problem, I got my dinner stuck.

Normally, if I am careful, I can eat anything. I started with some bread, then had a delicious entree of scallops, sashimi, kingfish and tempura oysters. It was the main of blue eye fillet and wagyu cheek that got stuck somewhere. I had to excuse myself 4 times in a 20 minute period to try and bring it back up. I couldn't eat my dinner and in the end I ate less then 1/10 of the meal. I could see the whole thing made everyone feel awkward and I felt mortified by creating the disturbance and the fact I wasted a VERY expensive dinner.

I did eventually get whatever was stuck out and I could have cried with relief. I was able to continue on and eat a delicious tasting plate for dessert that included vanilla bean creme brulee, gingerbread ice cream, espresso granita, chocolate fondant, mandarin pannacotta (and more that I can't remember). The petite fours were equally delectable with salty chocolate fudge, chili chocolate nuts, home made marshmallow and caramel popcorn-- all of which I can eat with ease thank god. I love dessert!

I know I should be grateful that this band has helped me lose over 25 kilos and enabled me to spend the afternoon in the hot tub without feeling totally self conscious and slip on a lovely black dress for dinner, all of which would have caused me to panic previously. But I hate the fact that it can cause embarrassing situations and ruin what otherwise would have been a lovely night. Now I have to fly to Brisbane next week for lunch with a client and I am petrified that something like this will happen again.

I definitely think I don't want too much restriction in my band. I am happy to have just enough to stop me from binging all the time, but while I work in a job where I eat with clients regularly, I am going to keep the band loose enough to eat normal food comfortably. I know that means I am going to have to exercise a lot willpower and self-control, but that is my choice for now.


  1. Sorry to hear about that...I am not banded yet, and hoping to avoid the sticking situation, so I appreciate your honestly in posting.
    Hope you have a better day today...

  2. Good for you on choosing to do what suits your lifestyle best! It's important to recognise that, I think at times like this you have to remember that the benefits far outweigh the risks and that's what is really important.

  3. I'm also at the stage where my band is being finicky and it's hard going: you feel like you're watching yourself 24/7.
    On the up side (and there is one...) you just said it yourself. You wouldn't have lost 25 kilos without your band and I guess what happened with dinner is the down-side.. but oh, I sympathise with you. It's a bit sucky (and embarrassing.)

  4. I have been banded since 1999, so maybe I can help! Your problem started by trying to eat an entree and a main. Your stomach sack is very small now, so there is no way you could fit all that in. I would say that there wasn't anything stuck, you were probably just overful and your stomach couldn't fit the rest in. It may have taken a few goes before enough cleared to be comfortable again. (I have been there! The firt few times, it is horrible) Try just ordering an entree as your meal when you are out.
    Plus red meat is usually something banded people have to avoid as it is too grainy and is prone to causing a block. I have not eaten red meat in 10 years, unless it is very slow cooked in a curry etc.
    Try to avoid situations where you puke as it does cause stress to your stomach and you could make your band slip, requiring emergency surgery to remove it, or risk gangrene. You will get used to it! But even after 10 years, I still sometimes eat too quickly, or try and get that one extra mouthful in. Good luck! It does work, if you work with it. Trust me! :-)

  5. I'm banded for ayear now, and that happens to me often. I dont think you were full, I think you ate too fast or bites were too big. you are better off starting slowlyl. Usually I start and end with a large soup. It works great. Lower calories, no embaressment, and it really fills you up.

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