Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweet Tooth

I have never had a huge sweet tooth. My downfall has always been savoury- pizza, burgers, chips, any take away really. I can still eat all these things with my lap band, but I have to eat them so slowly that I don’t get the same enjoyment that I used to get from them. I knew this would be the case before I got the lap band and I was looking forward to it because I value my health much more than a bowl of hot chips!

What has surprised me is just how much my tastes have changed and I have started to crave sweet foods- chocolate, ice cream, biscuits. I could eat them all day and still not feel satisfied, but luckily I haven’t been! The closest I came was one night when I bought a block of marble chocolate and I ate half the block in less than 5 minutes and I only stopped because I was meant to be sharing it with AJ. At a work lunch the other day, I asked (half seriously) if it would be weird if I ordered a dessert instead of a main...

I did know that a lot of lap banders struggle with eating junk food like this after having the surgery because it is easy to eat and slips right through the band. For me, I enjoy the ability to eat mindlessly, and I can only do this with foods like chocolate and popcorn. As everyone says, having the band doesn’t solve the emotional issues, I still want to eat for comfort. This has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced with the band over the past month and it is something I am going to have to keep working on. Right now I am stocking up on chuppa chups, low fat pudding and low fat popcorn and doing my best!


  1. Doing your best is all you can ever do. You ARE succeeding, baby steps for all of us all the way :)

  2. Those pics are literally killing me!!! ARRRGGHHH!

    My sweet tooth is out of control :(

    But Cara is right, all you can do is your best!


  3. True Story:

    Over 20 years ago, my aunt had her stomach stapled (the grandmother of lap-band surgery1).

    She could not get her faves down, like meat and bacon, but she could get sweets like chocolate malted milk balls and little cakes soaked in milk....needless to say, all she ate was the bad stuff that she could get away with!

    Try this trick - whenever you eat a bad carb ( sweets ) follow it up with a good protein (cheese, a glass of milk, maybe some chicken).

    What this will do is fill you up a little and cut your taste for anymore sweets. And since it takes longer for you to eat solids, by the time you get around to more bad stuff, it wont be worth it!

    Good luck to you as always! You Can Do It!!

  4. Hey arrived in Melbourne - give me a call if you want to do coffee....0406608809 - should be free most of the day xx


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