Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let's Go Shopping!

I try to avoid going to Target at all costs because I just can't seem to walk out of that place without buying something. So it was with great trepidation that I snuck in for a quick look for a work function that I have in Sydney next week. Shopping has not been a very pleasant experience for me for the past 18 months and I have avoided it like the plague, so I was quite nervous to see if things have changed much.

Let me tell you, I had to practically be dragged out of that place because I couldn't stop trying things on! I ended up leaving with the following:

Black dress, size 16 ($20)
White top, size 18 ($14)
Black cardigan, size 16 ($15)
Grey cardigan, size 16 ($40)
Grey jumper, size 16 ($40)

I forgot how cheap it is to shop in the 'normal' section of a shop. I was mostly excited that I was able to fit into some of the smaller sizes, though I have to be honest and admit that the particular styles I chose flatter my shape and I certainly couldn't have fit into pants or skirts or a fitted dress. Most of the clothes I bought could also benefit from another few kilos lost, they are passable now, but would look even better in a month. So even though I bought a heap of size 16's, I am still not really a size 16, if that makes sense.

The funniest thing about this shopping trip is that it was for the same function I had to attend this time last year, yet the shopping trip couldn't have been more different! I was walking on air all day yesterday after this trip and I am finally really starting to see my hard work paying off. If there is a bigger high on earth than fitting into cute clothes, than I am yet to find it (I am pretty shallow)!


  1. Good job! probably look stunning.

  2. I can't wait to look back on a year like you and the thought of enjoying shopping.....hmmm...bring it on. How exciting for you. You must post pics soon

  3. How exciting!

    Good work on your progess!!

  4. and this all made me think:

    picture? do we get a photo? :)

    Im not allowed to go near Targets right now...I end up with bags of stuff I want, even things I almost NEED, but always treats my bank account protests :)

  5. That's wonderful! I think I've been banned from Target when I threw a hissy fit last time I was there because nothing fit. Can't wait until shopping is fun. Great progress!

  6. Great deals. I've started a special savings fund just for all the new clothes I will need in a few months. Looking forward to it!

    Enjoy all the new clothes.

  7. Success is measured in so many more ways than just a number of the scales! Well done Tully, that's fabulous news!

  8. Wow... that's awesome! Congrats. Can't wait until I'm there too!!!
    Target is one of my favourites, as well. Sigh. lol
    Robin from Band on the Run

  9. Sounds like you've been quite successful! That's fantastic...


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