Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Could Drink A Case Of You

I am loving Canada, it really is a beautiful country. When I try to write about it, I keep saying: spectacular, beautiful, magical... but it doesn't come close to describing it!

I have quickly uploaded a few photos of my trip so far, they are all out of order because blogger won't let me move them, but it doesn't really matter.

Please note that I am wearing the same jacket in every photo, it has been really freaking cold and it's the only jacket I have. I do have other clothes, I swear...

I will put together a travel blog soon so that I can fill you all in properly on everything that has been happening, there is too much for me to even start here!

Me, AJ, Ash and Connie in the Rockies

Bear country... terrifying...

The Rockies

Big horned sheep on the road

Fucking freezing at the Rockies

Lake Louise, frozen over!

Connie with the horses on our sleigh ride

Me and AJ on a sleigh ride at Lake Louise

Me experiencing snow for the first time ever

Connie cleaning off her massive truck before we head off

Me at Bunzen Lake looking stuffed

AJ at Bunzen Lake

Me with a deer in the back yard

Me in Banff wearing my new Vancouver jumper, that is too small, but I am trying to stretch it out...

Me and AJ at Chilliwack River

Me and Juanita tasting the brews at Granville Island brewary

AJ was falling off a rock and instead of helping him, I got the camera to take this photo of him completely stuck doing the splits on top of a rock

Me being an idiot at Capilano suspension bridge

AJ blending into the scenery at Capilano suspension bridge

A cute baby squirrel

Me at Capilano suspension bridge

AJ at Vancouver totem poles

AJ about to be attacked by Canadian geese, I decided to take the photo, rather than tell him they were coming

Bunzen Lake

Me trying to work out what to do next in a Whitespot in Vancouver


  1. Nothing else to say but WOW! How beautiful is Canada. And you're there now! Whoooo .. sounds like you're having a great time already!!

  2. Just FAB!!! Keep the photos coming!!!

  3. Awesome! Now I want to drive to Canada.
    BTW, I like your coat.

  4. Love the pics, love the coat & AJ's a cutie too!

  5. Welcome to Canada - weather and all :) (I live in Alberta, and this winter is mild compared to most)!

    BTW - you're looking Fantastic in your photos :)

  6. It looks like you're having great time. I've lived in Canada all my life and travelled lots outside the country. A few years ago I had the time to take the train across Canada and was just stunned by all its beauty.

    I'm really enjoying the photos. You look great.

  7. Gosh you look great and what a beautiful country. Imagine seeing snow for the first time and I mean SEEING so much snow...LOL

  8. That looks awesome! Almost as good as NZ ;)

    But seriously, I'm so jealous.

  9. You look amazing and your trip looks fantastic! I can't wait to hear and see more. xoxox

  10. Fabulous photos - looks like spectacular countryside and how I envy you seeing snow! Glad your having a good time, look forward to hearing (and seeing) more.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!