Monday, March 01, 2010

March Weigh In

There is probably a rule (or there should be) that you don't blog when you're in a bad mood (just like you shouldn't text or facebook when you're drunk), but it is my monthly weigh day and so I want to record my results-- good or bad.

March 1st Weigh In: 92.2 kilos (202.8 lbs)
Weight Lost In February: 1.9 kilos (4 lbs)
Total Weight Lost: 37.5 kilos (82.5 lbs)

I was hoping to lose 4 kilos this month, but I only manged to lose 1.9 kilos and it means that I am nowhere near my weight loss goals for my trip this month. I was at least a kilo lighter a couple of weeks ago, but that loss seems to have disappeared.

I worked harder than I ever have this month to lose weight because I was crazy busy at work. So that meant squeezing in my work outs late at night or very early in the morning and often the only time I wasn't at work, was when I was at the gym. Unfortunately, I also ate at least half my meals out due to work committments, which means that even though I made good choices, it was still higher in fat, calories and carbs than I would prepare at home. I ate so much freaking grilled fish at fancy restaurants this month that if I see another piece of grilled fish I'll vomit.

Oh well, that is life and that is one of the reasons I have made changes in my life so that I won't have to work hours like this anymore or have to eat out so often. I just need to remember that I'll be on a beach in Mexico soon!

I did also go and see my lap band doctor today to have a little bit of fill removed from my band to make it more comfortable when I travel this month. I had 5.2 mls and they took it back to 4.8 mls (my band hold 6-8 mls) so that I still have some restriction, but I won't necessarily have so many problems with food getting stuck. The last thing I want on my holiday is to take an unscheduled tour of the public bathrooms in Canada, USA and Mexico!



    Great job!! Plateaus suck dont they?!? But that just means that you are in for big drop soon, keep it up!!

  2. I see your disappointed with your progress this month but it's still a loss! It's not even really a plateau as you're still losing. Your progress is fantastic! Stress can often affect weight loss efforts and this is no dobut having an effect on you as well. Chin up and hang in there!

  3. Lol, I get what you mean about not blogging when you feel bad. I check your blog regularly, and I think you are doing great.

    I know it is tough; but in the big picture you are making it work. Grin, no one said it is easy.
    Hx - banded since Dec 07, and maintaing, though struggling. Next comes plastics. . .

  4. LOL no blogging or FB when drunk - I so try to abide by that rule!!!!!

    Dont worry too much, so long as the weight goes down now up.

    Wish i could be laying on the beach in mexico sometime soon regardless!!!


  5. I know it's frustrating when you have big expectations of yourself but you have still achieved a good result, be proud of that!

  6. Good idea...I spent a lot of time in bathrooms on our weekend away. Don't be too still lost nearly 2 kg and are doing so well


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