Friday, September 24, 2010

Behaving Badly

Over the past few weeks I have reverted back to some pretty bad binging behaviour. I am really not a hundred per cent sure what has triggered this and it really could be a number of things. I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself to lose weight and that has meant being hungry a lot and exercising a lot. Teamed with a boring and unfulfilling job, having no money and this cold weather, I have been using food to fill a void. Unfortunately it's not working and I obviously just feel worse.

I want to feel better and I know I can get on top of it again and this is how I plan to do it:

  • Get a fill in my lap band- booked for 16th October
  • Hide the scales for a while- they just mess with my head
  • Only do exercise I enjoy- more fresh air, less gym sessions
  • Eat when I am hungry- no starving myself
  • Focus on the good things in my life- I am very blessed and I need to remember that
  • Stop comparing myself to other people- No good can come of this, we are all different
  • Appreciate how far I have come- I have lost over 45 kilos, I am not a failure
OK, I just need to take a deep breath and try to re-group. I already feel better just knowing that I have a plan.


  1. Thanks for your post. I have been feeling like I have been slipping back into bad habits lately so it was great to see your list of action.
    Congratulations on your awesome achievements so far :D


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  3. I feel exactly the same way!!! My eating has been totally off and I have been beating myself up over it for more days than I would like to count. Good for you for making plan...mind if I steal it?

  4. That is a great plan! I had the same thing going on for a few weeks about a month back. I got a fill, got back on track and am now at a new low. You can, and will do this!

  5. I loved your list.... very positive... i still have some bad habits that i notice popping their heads through which sucks big time... 45kilos is so awesome.... its all slowed down for me now.. ill be happy with any loss tho and no gains.

    I like your little plan i think you will do super with it.

    Your just going through a bump in the road and you know you can pull yourself out of it.

  6. Hi, Just thought I'd write a comment to say that I have just read your entire blog over the past few nights... I think my husband thinks that I'm having an internet affair, because I have been staying up late!
    Anyway just wanted you to know WOW!!
    I am truly inspired. Love your honesty, and courage! How awesome do you look? OMG!!! Your gorgeous!
    I have recently been banded, and a few of you bandit bloggers have motivated me to keep my own blog...Still in the setting up process, but have posted a couple of times.
    If you interested in a read when you have got time,

    Keep those new goals because you CAN! xx

  7. I think that's a great plan! I think the comparison and appreciating your blessings are especially important. You have done fabulous to date and the only person you should be comparing yourself to is the old you. I think you're back on the road to success.

  8. I'm very much where you are at the moment. I need to update my blog and face up to it, because can't seem to reset my mind which is stopping me moving only consolation is that I would usually be piling on the pounds when I get like, not so much! I hope you find your goals help you to get your head in gear and I also hope I find my own kick-start soon.

  9. Love your motivating list, I have to agree, you just need to breathe and remember that this is a long journey. You are doing a great job at it:)

  10. Hey you,

    Imagine this,

    Got banded, never ate another morsel of food that was bad for my body, exercised exactly as a personal trainer would advise, dropped copious amounts of weight and never had to worry about life, food, weight ever again. The end.

    You are DEFINITELY not a failure, you are human, normal, (although I'm told thats just a setting on a washing machine), but you get my drift. You often place such high expectations on yourself and are your own (harshest) critic when you feel you slip up.

    I know its hard to do, but try not to beat yourself up at the first sign of going off track. Although life would certainly be a whole lot simplier if things were as easy as my first paragraph unfortunately we are human and we stuff up from time to time.

    Use those times to reflect and put things back on the path you want things to go. That path will be different for each of us, but we all fall short of our personal goals from time to time. Use this time to re-evaluate, set the compass again in the direction you want to be travelling and move forward.

    You are doing so awesome and have come such a long way. There is a lot of life ahead to be enjoyed, so don't let it be tainted by looking in the rear view mirror at all the things you feel you have havn't done 100% with, glance back, but then focus on whats ahead again.

    Take care Tully. (and stop beig so flippen hard on yourself woman).

  11. Mate - you are a seriously smart chickee! Excellent plan.

    You have already done so well; be Proud of yourself!!!!!


  12. Sounds like a very good plan -- it's all very sensible, and will have you feeling back on track in no time. I particularly think it is important to not compare yourself to others. You're doing great.


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