Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Things Have Changed

I was lucky enough to skip out on work for a few hours on Monday and have lunch with The Candid Bandit and The Deluded Princess. TCB had the lap band 6 months ago and has lost 28 kilos and TDP is shrinking away for her wedding next year and has lost 38 kilos. I think all our minds were a bit blown and we saw this photo taken on Monday and how much we have all shrunk over the past 18 months. 

l-r: me, TCB, TDP 

I have just worked out that collectively we have lost 113 kilos (248 lbs). I am so freaking proud of us!!!

For comparisons sake, take a look of the awful photo of TCB and me taken on New Years Eve 2008. I wasn't even at my absolute biggest here and some of my body is cropped out of the photo!

See the look on my face, I knew this was going to be a terrible photo...


 Here is one more I just found on facebook taken that same night. Man I remember how embarrassed I was when I saw those photos.

I vividly remember talking to TCB on the balcony of the bar we were drinking in, right before the New Year was rung in, and we were saying how much our lives would change if we got the lap band and how wonderful things would be. I think we were right!


  1. wow all your achievements are amazing, way to go girls.

  2. AMAZING!!! Congrats and you are BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Mate you girls look AMAZING! I was shocked when I saw the photo! Hugs congratulations to all of you!

    I know as much as the next person having a band isn't the easy way out as it's still hard work. You're looking awesome! YAY! Pretty sexy skinny girls! :-) xx

  4. The dress is such a liar ahahah... im hoping that i can fit into it by christmas though and maybe wear it on Chrissy.

    You look amazing... your journey has been so good im super jealous... i hope i can look as smashing as you do!

    Thanks for the comments :)

  5. Aren't we shrinking away!

    The change in you (inside as well as out) from then til Monday was completely chlk and cheese. You've always been one of th most attractive women I know but your vibrancy and lust for life shone through and smacked me in the mouth.

    I wish I could describe it in a way that doesn't sound like a hippie - your light is on. It's glowing.

    :-) You are being. Not wishing.

  6. Congratulations on the losses. Can I say you three girls were beautiful before and you still are now. Well done. Martine x

  7. I am sooo damn lucky! Catching up with you girls was heaven sent and yes whoa you two look great! And I have to admit I can't believe this photo of myself.

    Thanks again for spending some time with me, I can't wait to do it again.



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