Sunday, September 12, 2010


I don't have many photos of myself from the past because, like any fat girl, I avoided the camera like the plague. While I was unpacking my new house I came across an old photo album of when I was 18 (11 years ago) and was in my first year of university. I had recently lost quite a bit of weight and was feeling great and having the time of my life. Looking back on the photos now, I wasn't quite as thin as I remember being, amazing what the confidence of being 18 will do for your head! I am not quite sure what I weighed here because I didn't have any scales (my how things have changed), but I have a vague memory of weighing myself once at my grandparents and seeing 90 kilos.

The photos are blurry because they were taken in the olden days before we had digital cameras and because I don't have a scanner I had to photograph the photos. Yeah, I am great with technology like that...

Also, remember this was 1999, the fashions were bad and the eyebrows were thin!

Just a night in drinking with friends, back when I drank VB and painted my nails blue...

I have no idea why someone would have taken this photo, maybe I was talking to someone exciting? 

I cannot get this photo to turn the right way around. I think we were doing a centurion with cask wine that night. Classy.

At a 60's party, I just remember being relieved that I was able to get a costume to fit at the op shop.

I had just crashed my scooter into this tree while flying down a really steep hill. You can't see, but my legs are all bleeding and I am crying/laughing. I had no fear back then, I thought I was invincible!

Me at a ball, and yes, I have spilt alcohol all over my dress.

So seeing these photos makes me realise that I am probably smaller now than I was back then. I don't know why I remember myself as being so much thinner, maybe because I was happy and I felt good, so it just didn't matter. It goes to show that I really don't need to aim to be a particular weight or size, I just need to get to a place where I feel good in my body.

Here is a photo taken of me last night for comparisons sake, it wasn't meant to see the light of day because I was only taking it to see if my new jacket fit. Conclusion: no it does not fit. I also changed my hair after seeing this photo, digital cameras are better than mirrors for checking yourself out before you go out.


  1. It's awesome looking back and you look beautiful... *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Follow my journey at

  2. Great pics! I also love seeing pics of myself when I was 18... life was so carefree back then and full of booze!

  3. lol love the pics. you look so happy in (most of) them!!!

  4. "I really don't need to aim to be a particular weight or size, I just need to get to a place where I feel good in my body."

    I think this is a brilliant attitude to have -- and a very important part of the journey, if you don't feel good, then there's a danger of never being ever satisfied.

    You're looking great in your jacket photo -- you might not think it fits, but there's a light in your smile that shows an increased confidence, as it well should.

  5. Love the flashbacks! And love the coat too - even though it might not have fitted perfectly :)


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