Friday, October 21, 2011

Polly Dolly Bridesmaid Challenge

I always enjoy reading fashionista blogs Polly Dolly challenges but I have never played along because it looked too hard for my basic interneting skills.This week when Danimezza posted a bridesmaid challenge (given my impending weekend bridesmaid dress shopping expedition) I knew I had to play along.

The challenge is:

What would your bridesmaids wear?

Polyvore Bridesmaid Challenge

Wow, looking at what other girls have posted, my taste is very boring, I need to be way more edgy! I also need to learn how to design a page... I told you my internet skills were bad.

I must admit that I am probably the only girl I know who has no desire to ever get married, so this is as close as I will come to dressing my bridesmaids. Even if I did get married I certainly wouldn't choose a dresses for my bridesmaids to wear... maybe I would just give some strong hints!

But, if I did turn into a bridezilla and get all controlling over what the bridesmaids wore, this is what I would choose. In fact, I want this outfit so bad it hurts. Damn you to hell Zimmerman for only making this dress up to a size 12 (and damn me for not fitting into a size 12)!!!

If you haven't been to Polyvore you should check it out, but please don't blame me fore the hours you'll waste drooling over the beautiful clothes! Let me know if you create any nice looks to share.


  1. Ha! you are so in trouble for inviting me to click on Polyvore....... :0)

    I recon your design looks very pretty & whimsical!!!!

  2. Your bridemaids would kill you for those heels....although who keeps their shoes on at weddings anyway??

    Random question out of interest for myself - how did the laser hair removal end up? Are you all done? Are you happy with the results??

  3. I certainly am not going to visit that site and waste hours ! If I were to ever get married AGAIN I would let my bridesmaids were whatever they wanted! There is nothing worse than having a bridesmaid's dress that you hate and would never wear again!

  4. Hey it's Kenz! I've forgotten my old log in. I would run down some slow-moving grannies crossing the road for that outfit. The whole thing. Inspiration to get back to that size I think...


Awww thanks so much for the comment!