Friday, October 07, 2011

Show Time

More pictures!!! Can you tell I am getting bored while I am on enforced bed rest this week? Not that I am complaining because eating ice cream in bed and watching TV is pretty much my favourite thing ever.

The day after our grand final celebrations we were on such a high that we decided to go to the Melbourne Show, especially considering we live just around the corner from the showgrounds and the sun was shining. I hadn't been to the show in many years, but when I was growing up it was a massive treat any time we were taken to the show. Of course being overweight my whole life I was always too scared to go on any of the rides, instead I stalked out the show bags and spent all my pocket money on the bag with the most chocolate. Well, not much has changed, I still spent all my money on chocolate! I'm no longer scared of the rides, but I didn't think it was a good idea for my hangover to be spinning upside down so I stayed grounded and instead spent my time in the food arenas!

Buying Geelong 2011 Premiers stubby holders from the AFL booth
The crowds were crazy, I'll never go on a weekend again
Connie and Juanita experiencing their first show day 
Dagwood dogs of course!
AJ captivated by the wool... he is still a country boy...
Juanita patting a sheep
Onto second lunch (of 3 lunches that day)
Some of the amazing cakes
Dog showing, as boring as it looks...
Waffle on a stick!

Salted caramel ice cream- yum!!!

Examining the loot in our show bags!

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