Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Happy Day

I think I have made it clear on this blog that I am a big Geelong supporter here, here, and here. I was super excited that we had the opportunity to play off in another grand final and even better, all my family were back in the country to watch together. I'm not sure if I mentioned it yet, but my brother and his fiance moved back from Canada and rented a house practically next door to me. So we all went over to their place to watch the game and enjoy a few drinks...

Me making cupcakes for the game at home
My Geelong (Cats) themed cupcakes
Yum, these were delicious!
Me organising the games for the big game, we all got players and won prizes depending on who scored first goals, free kicks, Norm Smith etc
The players I drew
Blue jelly shots!
Me and my brother's girlfriends before the game
The jelly shots began after the first quarter to settle our nerves
I hid behind the couch because I could barely stand to watch because it was so close, which Connie thought was weird and came over to make fun of me
Half time and things were not looking good, so it was time for some STRONG blue cocktails
Saying a prayer to the football Gods with our blue cocktails
AJ taking a mark at half time
Ashton and Connie having a half time kick
Shannon and Juanita watching the game
Stressful times!
Connie making another round of cocktails
Shannon and Juanita celebrating Geelong coming back

OMG we might actually win!
Woo hoo, Geelong wins!
Me obviously getting drunker...
After the siren when we won!!!
Me celebrating
AJ celebrating

Singing the Geelong theme song!

End of game footy kick where I jarred my finger badly and just about everyone managed to injure themselves

Things got more and more crazy as the evening wore on, but I passed out pretty early and then woke up at 1.00 am with a kebab in my hand and a lot of pain from my finger (which I thought was broken) and a massive bruise on my back from where I fell between the toilet and bath. It was an awesome day!

The bruise on my back, but I can't turn the photo the right way, my stripey pj pants should be at the bottom of the photo. Apologies for the roll of fat!


  1. My sons James (4) and Ben (6) have decided to become AFL-heads!

    They watched the final, and typical of my sons, they are insisted on being opposites.

    Ben is sticking to Collingwood, and James is a confirmed Geelong fan!

    I am siding with James. Go Cats!

  2. Those cupcakes are the cutest! I was thinking of you with your blue everything and was pretty sure you'd be pretty happy about the result :-) hehe.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!